How Productive Was Your State in 2018? Internally Generated Revenue By States

HOW PRODUCTIVE WAS YOUR STATE IN 2018? – Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) by States in Nigeria.

This is the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) made by all the 36 States in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The amounts stated below are in billions naira (NBillion).

How productive was your state in the year 2018? Check below, the lists are posted from the highest to the lowest state as Par what they generated.

The lists as compiled by StatiSense are as follow;

1st: Lagos – 196.40bn
2nd: Rivers – 60.91bn
3rd: Ogun – 42.52bn
4th: FCT – 35.31bn
5th: Delta – 29.80bn
6th: Kano – 18.55bn
7th: Kaduna – 16.00bn
8th: Edo – 13.81bn
9th: Oyo – 12.38bn
10th: Enugu – 12.30bn
11th: A/Ibom – 11.83bn
12th: Kwara – 10.04bn
13th: Cross River – 9.76bn
14th: Ondo – 9.42bn
15th: Anambra – 7.07bn
16th: Imo – 7.01bn
17th: Abia – 6.98bn
18th: Bayelsa – 6.87bn
29th: Plateau – 6.27bn
20th: Benue – 6.06bn
21st: Sokoto – 5.65bn
22nd: Kogi – 5.45bn
23rd: Niger – 4.86bn
24th: Jigawa – 4.80bn
25th: Osun – 4.77bn
26th: Bauchi – 4.61bn
27th: Nasarawa – 3.81bn
28th: Katsina – 3.49bn
29th: Adamawa – 3.18bn
30th: Borno – 3.06bn
31st: Ekiti – 2.74bn
32nd: Zamfara – 2.66bn
33rd: Taraba – 2.61bn
34th: Ebonyi – 2.46bn
35th: Gombe – 2.39bn
36th Kebbi – 2.03bn
37th: Yobe- 1.62bn

Source: (NBS)

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