2019 Success Key: Minding Your Business, Focus and Stay Positive

Do you want to achieve something tangible this year? Beginning a new page of your life is imperative. We are all potential achievers. Success is always a gift every human being wants. A 2019 successful year is what every living that witnesses the year is pursuing. Is success a MUST for you? If yes, there are things you must take as priorities in 2019.

As a tradition, last days in December especially 31st and January 1st are used to list a New Year resolution. I think the traditional way of saying or listing your New Year Resolution should have a change. Never wait till the end of the year to have a resolution on how to become a success being.

As a living being, it is neither your power nor your smartness. Grace and favour of God are what you have received. Many souls have been lost or dead, while some are in the hospitals.

However, before you flood the social media platforms with a celebration of the new year of 2019, ask yourself, how did I fare in 2018? What is the way forward in 2019 to be successful? Do you have a dream you are pursuing to make it a reality in 2019?

There are many ways to be successful in life.

As we go into the new year, you start thinking about how you can make this 2019 your most successful year. To be successful, you need to sacrifice many things to achieve it. The 2019 key success will be surrounded by your spirit, body, soul, relations, business, career, personal finances, and personal limitations.

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One of the essential keys to setting goals and achieving goals is to adopt a holistic approach. You are not merely composed of a body and a brain. You are a complete person, with spirit, body, and soul.

If your dream will be realized in 2019, you should have an achievable goal. You must have a vision. Without a doubt, many people at the beginning of the 2018 year set goals they want to achieve. I know after the jubilation on the first day of 2018 you made promises that this or that will be your New Year Resolutions.

Ask yourself today, those promises or goals you set, has any been achieved? Why haven’t you met those goals? It is pertinent you assess yourself today because before you make another resolution for 2019. What are the mistakes or pitfalls that barricaded your goals in 2018?

We all have big dreams, we fantasize and want this or that, the problem we have is the required actions to make it a reality.

You need to start with plans, after planning you need actions. Without actions, the set goals will be fruitless. Though all plans might not be achievable, therefore, there is a need to evaluate or assess your progress so far.

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To achieve a higher level of success in 2019, you must learn to be positive and mind your business.

You need to focus on your life. You must not let noises and distractions make you miss your roads. Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take run off your goals. If you haven’t been facing obstacles, you are on the wrong path.

Feed your focus, starve your distraction and suffer your obstacles by focusing on your objectives. When you feed your focus, it means you mind your business. Therefore, look at other ways, not the distraction side because it will attract you. The noise at the distracting centre will want to take away your strong voice to the success land. Focusing on your goals helps to eliminate distractions.

Don’t just make plans; you need to act. Don’t just make New Year resolutions, focus on actionable things to achieve them. Therefore, don’t just wish or fantasize, work hard to make it a reality. Focus on the significant things and refuse the minor distractions on your road.

It all starts with your thoughts and your mental health. Successful people think positively. They bring a correct attitude to everything they do. They are optimistic and practical and have hope for the future. Be positive in whatever you are doing.

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What does the future hold for you? You have projected years ahead, do you like what you see now? How do you wish your life to be evaluated in a few years and how do you let it happen?

Your future life will be determined by the actions you are taking at the moment. If your current course does not bring you where you want to be, you have to change direction. That is, mind your business to take actions that can realize your projection.

Like the famous saying, successful people in business read a new book every week on average. If you want to gain new knowledge in your field, you should not stop feeding your head. When you mind your business, you will have enough time to learn new things. Those new things will be instrumental in the 2019 success key.

This is the year in which everything will change for you, but changes cannot be made if you continue to lead your life as you have lived in recent years. To get different results, you have to do things differently. You have to be positive and mind your business.

If you must get the 2019 success key, you have to become a new person. To reach the desired life, you must leave your comfort zone, be positive and remain focused. The 2019 success key is to focus on things that matter. Use your time and energy on things that would lead to your success. Don’t let anybody make you feel you are not good enough to achieve your goals.

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In conclusion, never and never set out on an excursion with somebody who is not going anywhere in this life. When you plan to achieve your goals, remember not everybody deserves to be carried along. That is, do not plan with people that will discourage you, people that will say you can achieve success in 2019.

Stay far away from individuals that can’t add values to your life. You can only achieve your goals with like-mind people. Stay focused, be positive and mind your business on and off social media; those are the 2019 key success.

The 2019 success key is to think positively.
Avoid mindless drama
Invest your energy in growth
Be productive with your time
Don’t give up on your dreams.
The success key to progress is the focus.
The success key to success is the focus.
The 2019 success key to fulfilling destiny is the focus.


Saminu Abass is a motivational writer and content publisher. He is also a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. Also, he is passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.

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