25 Things You Don’t Know About Atanda Abeeb Popularly Known as Certified O Lakwize


In massive advance to this young CEO at Omoluabi Graphics and Social Media Strategist at Ramlad Construction Nigeria Limited.

How should I describe him? Atanda Abeeb Olalekan, he was a boy now a big boss, CEO, leader, community developer, and entrepreneur.

One of the things that makes me happy is seeing this young lad growing. We only thought him A, B, C and he learnt other letters to Z himself.

It seems my replica but not really so but we share and live almost the same lifestyle. We spend all nights surfing the internet, learn new things and spend our last dime to sub for data. 😂😂😂

No wonder, we are slim. Sleepless nights can make you lose weights.

Atanda Abeeb

Let me share some things you might not know about this young CEO. His growth so far is an amazement to me. He didn’t only grow arithmetically but also geometrically. He is young but mighty.

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What he has achieved and the lives he has touched positively even the so called Politicians haven’t done that in his constituency.

He has achieved more than his age. When people see him, they look at him this small boy, are you really the Lakwize?

As he clocks and celebrates additional years let me share 25 things about him.

1- As a Secondary School, he organised the first edition of Real Talk Like Jest. A secondary school pupil nurturing the future for his fellow students. Amazing.

Atanda Abeeb

2- Atanda Abeeb is the CEO of Omoluabi Graphics
3- He has worked with Omoluabi Media
4- Atanda Abeeb is a community developer. Even as a kid he has participated in many community development projects.

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5- He is a graphics designer.
6- He is blessed as Video Editor
7- Atanda Abeeb has worked with the last and current Government in Osun State.
8- He is a Rotaractor
9- He organized the second edition of Real Talk like jest inviting one of the Commissioners in Osun State.
10- Atanda Abeeb has served as the Publicity Secretary for Federation of Iwo Land Students Union (FILSU NHQ) led by Comrade Muyiwa Abeeb Jorjor
11- He has served as the Social Media Strategist for Ramlad Construction Nigeria Limited located in Lagos.

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12- He is a comedian.
13- Atanda is the principal of ATF
14- He was the brain behind the success of the FIRST Miss Odidere of Iwo land.
15- Also, he has a certified YALINetwork membership.
16- As a media publicity and videographer, he has worked with Amiloaded Blog
17- He is the current Media and Hype Personality of EliteThrive Blog
18- He has organized many beneficiary programmes.
19- Atanda Abeeb is a young man, intelligent, Smart, tech-savvy, handsome and friendly.
20- He still has one main goal I want him to achieve.
21- Atanda Abeeb has also served as a media publicity for a 2018 Osun Gubernatorial election, Engr Mumini Olabamiji.

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22- Atanda Abeeb was the Local Government Co-ordinator of PYO (Professor Yemi Osinbajo) group for the second term election.
23- He still single but not searching as I think 😂😂😂
24- He has grown fast and achieved milestones that you will think he has years of age.
25- Hopefully, he will soon be announced as the Chief Press Secretary of a newly elected Honourable member.

I wish you success in all your endeavours. You are just starting the real phase of life, may you succeed.

Happy Birthday Atanda Abeeb Olalekan Lakwize

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