3 Powerful Tips For Marketing A New Product

3 Powerful Tips For Marketing A New Product | By Tunny Ogunnowo

Creating or investing in developing a new product is hard enough but marketing the product is critical because if done wrong, the investment in product development yields no returns. It’s advisable to take your time to think about your marketing strategy.

Here are 3 amazing tips for marketing a new product.

1- Tell a story:

Your new product is to solve a problem. You can tell a story about an individual who has the problem your new product can solve. Take us through how the individual came in contact with your product and how the individual’s problem was solved (by your product). Those who have similar problems will relate to that story and that makes them feel they NEED your new product no matter how expensive it is.

3 Powerful Tips For Marketing A New Product

2- Platforms:

You might not need to go on all marketing platforms to push out your new product. The product has a target audience (every product has a target audience). So, identify your product’s target audience and find out what platform(s) they (the audience) use the most. Those are the platforms to go hard on.

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3- Strategy:

Before you begin with the two points above, there must be a strategy. Your strategy talks about what story you want to tell exactly, how you want to tell it, the time frame of your marketing campaign, your expected results in clear terms and all other actions to be taken to achieve your goal.


Do not make the mistake of investing so much on product development and little on marketing – you’re not the one to use your product but the market.


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