The 4 Cs of Money You Should Know

What I am about to show you took me over three years to learn. Please read this to the end.

The 4 Cs of money are:

1. Content

2. Competence

3. Courage and

4. Consistency

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Follow me, I will talk about each of them briefly and I am sure you will get lots of value.

Now, let’s discuss the 4 Cs of money;

1. Content

Your content is your skill, knowledge or generally what you have that people will pay for. Salt and sugar are white in colour but one commands ants. Your content is what you are good at. What comes easy for you.

Please note that what comes easy for you is not easy for others

What you do with ease, others do with, please.

Don’t forget this!!

I knew early that I loved business, teaching, speaking and writing. I’ve built on these strengths.

Don’t focus on your weakness or you will build strong weaknesses

Focus on what you are good at and like sugar, men will gravitate towards you.

2. Competence

Competence is all about knowing your onions. Being excellent at what you do. I’ve always said it that if you know your onions, you will eat your suya.

Onions here represents knowledge and suya represents money. You must seek to know more daily.

KnowLedge is the edge you have because you know. And the L stands for Learning

Competence brings confidence. Also, the more confident you are, the more people would want to do business with you. Never seek to know one thing about everything. Focus on knowing everything about one thing.

Who would you rather go to for a tooth surgery, a generalist or a dentist? That’s the same way people will gravitate to you when you become competent in one field. If you are not skill competent, you will always be financially impotent.

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Making money online

3. Courage

People know how to make plans but when it comes to taking action, they allow fear stop them. Most of you already know what to do. You just let fear stop you.

You are just afraid. Also, you need lots of courage to make money. It’s not convenient to do marketing. It’s not convenient to promote your values.

Making money is not always comfortable. You must get to a point where you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You will need to keep doing those things that are uncomfortable till you become comfortable with them

Everything is uncomfortable at the start but if you keep at it and continue, it will become comfortable. Courage comes from doing and doing again and again.

At the foundation of courage lies repetition. Keep doing it till it becomes normal.

The 4 Cs of Money You Should Know

4. Consistency

This is doing it for a long time until the results show. Most people give up too soon. They start something and do it for one week and they give up. You start building influence on social media and after one week you have stopped. Money follows consistency.

You need to keep at it even when it seems like the result is not coming. Money doesn’t jump on you. You need to discipline to show Up!

Those who show up don’t show off and those who seek to show off don’t always show up. Show up whether you feel like it or not.

Till I write you again, I remain your Chief Value Officer.

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Akpe Emmanuel

The Prince of Copywriting


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