5 Apps/Websites That Will Help You Greatly as a Writer

Five Apps (Websites) That Will Help You Greatly As A Writer | By Emmanuel Olatunji Ega

As a writer, one thing you constantly work on is to always up to your writing game. To up your writing game, then you must be an effective writer because before you can achieve anything significant in writing, you must first be an effective writer.

However, becoming an effective writer may be a challenging task for many people today because of their commitment to other aspects of lives. Therefore, the need to leverage on the tools that can help you as a writer can’t be overemphasized today.

Hence, today, I am going to share with you five apps (websites) that will help you become a pro in writing. It’s my desire that you will start using these apps to achieve great results in your writing career.

If you really want to up your writing game, then start leveraging on these apps.

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1. Readability Checker (Readable.com)

This app makes it easy for you to see your writing ranks. Some people just write without thinking whether their articles are readable or not.

This is why some posts don’t get engagement on social media. But if you want to overcome this challenge, then you can start leveraging on this app.

2. Spam Analyzer (spamanalyse.com)

For those of you who write emails, this tool helps you check your written content to see whether they are likely to be caught by spam filters.

This is an important tool particularly for those writers who make money by writing email letters for their clients or if you run an email list personally, you’d find this useful.

5 Apps/Websites That Will Help You Greatly as a Writer

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3. Grammar Corrector (onlinecorrection.com)

This is a fantastic tool I just discovered. It’s like Grammarly. But the interesting thing with this is that you don’t have to subscribe before you can use it and you can also use it with your phone.

You just have to post your article in a box and it will automatically help you fish out some errors. This tool is helpful particularly for those who write articles every day and share on social media.

4. Cliché Finder (clichefinder.net)

As a writer, you must learn to stop using cliché in your writing. But this may be difficult for you especially if you don’t even know a certain phrase is a cliche. This is why you will find this particular tool very helpful.

writing tips

5. Speech Notes (speechnotes.co)

Do you have something in your mind to write but you are just lazy to write or type? I know that feeling. It’s not every time an idea comes to your mind you will feel like writing.

So what then is the solution? Speechnotes!

With this app, you can just be saying what you want to write or type and it will do all the writing for you.

It’s a fantastic app you can use when you don’t feel like writing and you have something to write.

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There you have it.

Are you familiar with any of these apps? Have you been using any before? What other apps can you suggest to help writers here? Share with us.


I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.


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