Presidential Aspirant Adamu Garba Plans “Project 666” To Boost Economy

Adamu Garba 2019 Presidential Aspirant

Adamu Garba, a human activist who is also the CEO, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited. Adamu Garba recently showed his will to contest the 2019 presidential election. He has shown so far to have the determination to lead this country to the promised land.

The digital transformer who has also been the recent trending personality on social media. Adamu Garba II has gained momentum and earned the vote of confidence from youth to challenge the status quo. His passion, knowledge and preparedness have been hailed by many youths. Adamu Garba II believes as youth we have the powers to decide our future.


Moreover, Adamu Garba II who said the #NotTooYoungToRule should be maximized. Therefore, he is ready to take up the challenge. He has granted many interviews with media houses discussing practical ways to provide solutions to problems facing this country. Also, he identified the policy measure to be adopted to tackle the cripple economy of this country. He also revealed the policy to take Nigeria economy to a greater height which he tagged “Project 666”.

Adamu Garba II 2019 Presidential Aspirant

Read the policy and it will be adopted to boost Nigeria economy below.

We believe the only way to build an all-inclusive economic system is to attack the cancer of inflation head-on. An emerging economy is with a double-digit inflation cannot grow at the pace we need in Nigeria. It is clear indication of the bottleneck in our supply networks.

An economy where you invest roughly 10% of your GDP in your annual budget. Where over 70% goes to salaries, entitlements, emoluments, etc rather than on infrastructure, such as road, airports, seaports, inland waterways, hospitals, energy etc will always have few to benefit.

In this project, we intend to give exclusive independent to our CBN with sole target of getting these numbers:

6% Inflation

6% Interest Rate

6 percentage GDP growth.

Within the first 5 years of our administration.

Project 666 will commit our CBN to ensure the actual value of our currency is determined by the market. While we channel 30% of annual GDP to investment spending. As opposed to current consumption spending our few government official benefits to the detriment of many Nigerians.

Project 666 will make CBN be at the heart of building all the necessary infrastructure to address our supply line network shortfall. It will reduce inflation, create more jobs, and ensure predictability of our currency rate while investing 30% of our GDP to guarantee 6% growth over 5yrs.

Adamu Garba II 2019 Presidential Aspirant

The policy on revamping the Nigerian economy, which requires CBN to work on a “Project 666”. I want to correct the fact that these numbers are not in any way connected to 666 mentioned in our Holy Book of Revelation. It was a coincidence.

The “Project 666” which we will change the name going forward. It was coined the need for us to put CBN and be measured by numbers. Not just nonproductive MPR that add nothing to the economy but the few in patronage network to the detriment of inclusive economic systems.

According to economic statecraft models, an emerging economy like Nigeria needs to attack inflation and ensure it does not exceed 6%. Our GDP growth must not be below 6% and Interest rate must not go above 6%. This will be a bottom-line sweet spot for Nigeria’s economy.

Our future CBN governor, if reading this, must take this as the main target for his/her office. We will grant exclusive independence to the CBN & ensure all government spending was made to achieve those figures within 5 years, failure of which will be deemed underperformance.

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Gone will be the days when CBN governor goes to the highest bidder or will be subjected to political/politicians control. All Nigerians must have a stake in measuring the performance of our spending manager, CBN Governor. Everyone can see if these targets are been met or not.

We believe the target will appropriately be measured when numbers, coming out from bodies like NBS, Trading Economics, IMF, Penn Table etc. It will conform to our sweet spot targets. Those numbers are the 6% inflation rate, 6 percentage Interest Rate and 6 percentage GDP growth at minimum standards.

Adamu Garba II 2019 Presidential Aspirant

Also, gone will be the days when presidency will call CBN office to settle a crony. Order tight draconian monetary control or seek for easy money and push subsidies in form of borrowers program, an indirect measure of buying the Naira to maintain artificial exchange rate.

I apologize if the Project 666 numbers affect the sensitivity of Nigerians. It was made out of a good intention to measure in numbers for all to see as opposed to measure CBN Governor by political groupings. I promise you, we will also change the project to more tolerable one.



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