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Amazing Places You Should Visit in Nigeria This Vacation

We have all had a stressful session, back to back lectures and strenuous tests/exams. Vacation is a time to chill, eat good food and visit new places. Earl Wilson sagaciously describes a vacation as ” what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.”

We live in a country where the situation of things prevents people from taking time out to rest and visit places of delight. Many subject themselves to an all year round tireless work without taking a day off. People are of the opinion that vacations are just a means of wasting money and lazying about.

Not everyone has the luxury of traveling out of the country for a vacation. You don’t have to travel all the way to Paris or Hawaii to have fun.  If you know the right places to visit, You can have as much fun here in Nigeria as you would abroad. I’ll have you know that even foreigners travel all the way to this country to tour most of the beautiful places we neglect.

These are some of the cost-efficient places you can visit this vacation to chill and build lasting memories;

1. Zuma Rock in Abuja

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I once caught a glimpse of the ginormous wonder that is Zuma rock. It is a unique famed rock with a face. As I sat at the back of my uncle’s car on that dewy morning, he narrated the wonders of the rock to me. I can remember hoping that one day, I get to properly visit the place.

2. Ikogusi warm springs resort in Ekiti

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A very beautiful natural wonder located in the heart of Ekiti where natural cold and hot water coexist. There are lots of myths surrounding this place and it was extremely fun learning all about them from my tour guide.

3. Osun osogbo shrine

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Do not cast your mind to fetish things. This is actually a great yet affordable place to visit. It consists of a shrine and forest located just outside the city of osogbo. It is among the last of the sacred forests which adjoined the Yoruba land before urbanization.

4. The Benin national museum

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Most people learnt about the historical Benin terracotta carving. Don’t you wanna see how these artifacts look like? It is an opportunity to learn about the history of the famous Benin empire.

5. Erin Ijesha waterfall (olumirin waterfall)

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You may consider this place to be a cliche excursion site since most Nigerians, especially in the south, have been there. Howbeit, the wonders of these seven layers of ascending planes flowing with endless water never ceases to amaze everyone. Visiting Erin Ijeshawaterfalll is a rite of passage for all Nigerians. It is a perfect place to visit with friends and family.

6. Olumo Rock in Abeokuta

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Also a well known Nigeria tourist center. It is a prehistoric gigantic rock which tells tales about the history of Abeokuta. There are several caves on the rock and It also has a museum.

7. Suntan beach

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One of the magnificent beach in Lagos, a hidden jewel in badagry with beautiful palm trees and huts. Just hearing the name makes you feel relaxed and vacation-ready.

8. Elegushi Beach

Elegushi beach vacation places


Also located in Lagos. Imagine dipping your feet into the sinking sand and tasting the salty ocean water as it roars loudly towards you. You will have a more memorable experience if you visit with friends.

9. Rojenny tourist village

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Just the right place for a family vacation. It is situated in Onitsha, Anambra state with an amusement park, sporting, and recreational facilities and much more.

10. Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

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Although it is not a popular tourist center, it seems like a really interesting place to spend your vacation. Located in Cross Rivers state, it is a preservation centre for chimpanzee, gorillas, monkeys and many other endangered primates.

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Science has proven that going on vacations reduces stress, coronary heart diseases, increases productivity, and better sleep. These beautiful places are opportunities to enjoy yourself and learn about Nigerian culture. Have a fun-filled vacation!

Written By:

Akionla Marian Introvert

Akinola Marian, a 300 level Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University. She is an enthusiastic writer and reader of different genres. She enjoys staying indoors, watching movies, baking, and researching during her leisure.

Facebook: Akinola Marian Opeyemi

Instagram: @marianakinola

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