Ambassadors of Iwo Land To Feed 3,000 Muslims in Iwo Land

The Ambassadors of Iwo Land has unveiled plans to feed 3,000 Muslim brethren during the Ramadan Programme. According to the founder, AbdulAzeez Akanji, he said the Non-Governmental Organization is planning to feed 3,000 Muslims in Ayedire, Iwo and Ola-Oluwa local governments in Iwo land in an event tagged; “Feed The Fasting: Ramadan Iftar Programme“.

The NGO, Ambassadors of Iwo land, has said by Mr. AbdulAzeez is to render humanitarian services to the immediate environment especially the AYIWOLA (Ayedire, Iwo and Ola-Oluwa) and its environs.

Going down the memory lane, Ambassadors of Iwo Land was founded on January 1st, 2019. The aim was to help the orphans, the needy, the destitute, students, the aged through humanitarian services.

This launching on the 1st of January, 2019 was done with the 1st and big project tagged “Feed the Poor“.

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This was done by the distribution of foods stuff (Rice, Garri and Noodles) to the beggars met at Ode-Oba Oja areas of Iwo, Osun State.

The “Feed the Poor” was rounded off by heading to “Pro Labore Dei Children home Odori area Iwo”. Appreciable foodstuff was donated to the children and disabled veterans there too. This project was solely done by the 5 members of this organization.

In addition, the second main project of the NGO was the educational programme tagged “Free Jamb Form”. The NGO was able to sponsor at least 5 prospective jamb candidates from Iwoland.

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Also, the Ambassadors of Iwo land has helped some undergraduates from Iwo land who found it difficult to continue their education due to financial recklessness.

While releasing a statement, the NGO has outlined the plan for the “Feed The Fasting: Ramadan Iftar Programme“.

The statements: “The plan for FEED THE FASTING is targeting to feed 3,000 Muslim brethren throughout AYIWOLA (AYEDIRE, IWO & OLA OLUWA).

Ambassadors of Iwo land Feed The Fasting

“How do we plan to achieve this? Throughout the 3 Local Governments we are targeting; 20 Mosques in Ayedire, 20 mosques in Iwo and 20 mosques in Ola-oluwa, making it a total of 60 mosques. We plan to have at least 10 volunteers from each local government.

“We would be visiting 2 mosques per day, 50 Muslims in each mosque thereby making it 100 Muslims per day. 100 Muslims per day for the whole 30 days in the Holy month of Ramadan”. He concluded.

However, the Non-governmental organization believes with the proper planning and support from people (financially and physically), the programme can be achieved.


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