Ambassadors of Iwoland Shared Food Items To The Less Privileged and Orphans

On the first of January, the Ambassadors of Iwoland, a newly founded NGO started out giving back to the community by assisting the less privileged and the orphans.

The day’s event started at 10 am as the 5-man NGO gathered at the space in front of the Oluwo’s palace with packaged food items which were shared and given out to all less privileged around the area. They were full of joy and prayers.

NGO in Iwo land

NGO in Iwo land NGO in Iwo land

NGO in Iwo land

While the charity programs were ongoing, two young boys who were hail and hearty and at the same time had no health challenges were found also begging for alms together with all others who had one physical challenge or others, this precarious situation drew the attention of the Ambassadors of Iwoland.

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NGO in Iwo Land

NGO in Iwo Land

The two young boys, with one identifying himself as Jimoh Wasiu and the second identifying himself simply as Jimoh, were interacted and they both confided in the Ambassadors of Iwoland that they were merely helping their parents to beg for alms as that is where they find their only means of livelihood. When asked if they were willing to be educated and learn a trade that can make them self sufficient and reliant, they answered affirmatively, although passively.

The team then proceeded to the Pro Labore Dei orphanage home where we met with the leadership of the orphanage home to discuss the home’s mode of operation and challenges. In their response, they explained that Pro Labore Dei does not deal and cater for the orphans alone but care for the destitute and less privileges in the community. They added that they go out on weekly basis to feed people in needs in the community.

Ambassadors of Iwo land

They as well added that they do not tag the people they take care as orphans as they found the word derogatory and not quite appealing, they rather tag them as children. Also, they said their main challenge is bothered around finance to fund their project.

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The Ambassadors of Iwoland lauded them for a job well done and for taken steps to alleviate the suffering of the less privileges in the land. They were assured of the group support in the nearest future and they were presented with loads of food items. Prayers were offered for everyone before the team departed to relax and did a review of the day’s event.

NGO in Iwo land

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