Ambassadors of Iwo Land Round off Ramadan Program With Distribution of Food

Ambassadors of Iwo Land Rounded off Her Ramadan Program With Distribution of Food Items To Women to celebrate Eid-l-Fitri after feeding over 1,000 Muslim brethren during Ramadan.

The Ambassadors of Iwo Land, a non-profit humanitarian organization rounded off her Ramadan program with the distribution foods. The organization on Monday 3rd of the month of June distributed food items to women to mark the end of the holy month. This was done to ensure some homes can as well celebrate Eid-l-Fitri with joy.

Ambassadors of Iwo Round off Ramadan Program With Distribution of Food

The food items distribution held at Obatedo Primary School, where many mothers got food items to celebrate the Eid-l-Fitri as today marks the end of the fasting day. The chairman said it is essential to do this because many people will find it difficult to celebrate the Eid when there is no food. There is a blessing is sharing and make other people happy.

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The Ambassadors of Iwo who has tagged its Ramadan Program “Feed The Fasting” said it has fed over 1,000 Muslim brethren in the month of Ramadan. The feed the fasting was done across all the 3 local governments in AYIWOLA (Iwo, Ayedire, and Ola-Oluwa).

The programme was executed by visiting some sampling mosques in those 3 local governments. The mosques include; Ansarudeen Central Mosque Araromi Iwo, Police Post Central Mosques Oluponan Iwo, A-ataqwa Mosque Bode-Osi Iwo, Obatedo Central Mosque Iwo, Laito Mosque Iwo, Oke Ifa Mosque Iwo, Ile Ogbo mosque etc.

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Ambassadors of Iwo Round off Ramadan Program With Distribution of FoodAmbassadors of Iwo Round off Ramadan Program With Distribution of Food

While talking, the Director of programme who chaired the Feed the Fasting, Alli Adetayo, he said the job was huge but thank God it has been done successfully and the love for humanity kept the spirit high.

He said; “The job was huge, however, we thank God it has been successfully executed. Moreover, it is worth doing because many homes benefitted from the Ramadan program”

“To all the team members and those that helped in the course, I say jazakum llahu khaeran. To all that donated a Penny as well, may Almighty Allah enrich your pocket more. Above all, alhamdullahi. We pray Allah to spare our lives to witness more Ramadan on earth.” Alli Adetayo concluded.


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