American International School: The Most Expensive Secondary School in Nigeria

The most expensive secondary school in Nigeria that has no business with JAMB and WAEC. The school is called the American international school of Lagos.

American International School of Lagos is an American international school in Lagos, Nigeria serving preschool to grade 12. The Victoria Island campus, located on 6 acres of leased land leased by a government, opened in 1981. The school was founded in 1964.

In addition to the application fee, upon acceptance, there is a one-time registration fee. Annual school fees consist of tuition and capital improvement fee (suspended for the 2020-2021 school year).

American International School: The Most Expensive Secondary School in Nigeria

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It has a wide diversity in its student population consists of 600+ students of whom approximately 30% are Americans. Students from India, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, South Africa, Israel, Lebanon, and the Netherlands all make-up significant portions of our population while the balance consists of students from over 50 countries, reflecting the international character of the school.

Where do they hire their teachers?

Their teachers are professional experts in their field, flown in from different countries. The teachers are U.S. certified or equivalent. 54% are from the United States of America; 15% Nigeria; 10% Canada; 6% India and South Africa; and 15% Australia, Dominican Republic, France, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, United Kingdom, Venezuela and Zambia.

The hostels are furnished and standard like the 7-star hotels in Dubai. What you see inside their private kitchens; are strawberries, raspberries, spinach, beets, walnuts, avocado, citrus fruits, black beans, dark chocolate, jasmine rice, etc.

American International School: The Most Expensive Secondary School in Nigeria

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The students board in air-jet buses (UNICAT Amerigo international) with heavy security, direct to the airport or helicopter base to connect their destinations. In case of emergency, such a student is flown out immediately for first-class treatment.

The school teaches German, Spanish, French, Arab, music and lots of subjects. As the most expensive secondary school in Nigeria, they teach swimming, arts & cultures, dancing, all sports and etc. Also, the students go for international debates and vacations in different countries of the world.

The total school fee is 12,402,927, this is a sum that other miscellaneous expenses are not included.


Based on the fees published for the academic year 2020/2021

Application Fee $700
Registration Fee: One-time registration at $14,000 in the first year or split into payments over 2 years at $7,250 per year (total $14,500).

Three-Year-Old Child ‐ Kindergarten 1
Type of Fee Term of Fee Price (NGN)
Registration Fee One-Time Fee ₦5,369,565 
Application Fee One-Time Fee ₦268,478
Tuition Fee Annual ₦6,764,884


One-time fees when signing up 5,638,043

Yearly fee 6,764,884

Total first-year fee 12,402,927

You pay the school fees in dollars, that is $31,282.

Tuition and fees listed above are be billed in USD and payment can be made in USD or Naira. Those who wish to pay in Naira must contact the Business Office for the prevailing exchange rate.

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Based on the prices published for academic year 2020/2021
Per child TOTAL
Next year K2 6,764,884 ₦ 6,764,884 ₦
In 2 years K3 8,304,799 ₦ 8,304,799 ₦
In 3 years G1 8,304,799 ₦ 8,304,799 ₦
In 4 years G2 8,304,799 ₦ 8,304,799 ₦
In 5 years G3 8,304,799 ₦ 8,304,799 ₦
In 6 years G4 8,304,799 ₦ 8,304,799 ₦
In 7 years G5 8,304,799 ₦ 8,304,799 ₦
In 8 years G6 10,757,923 ₦ 10,757,923 ₦
In 9 years G7 10,757,923 ₦ 10,757,923 ₦
In 10 years G8 10,757,923 ₦ 10,757,923 ₦
In 11 years G9 12,336,575 ₦ 12,336,575 ₦
In 12 years G10 12,336,575 ₦ 12,336,575 ₦
In 13 years G11 12,336,575 ₦ 12,336,575 ₦
In 14 years G12 12,336,575 ₦ 12,336,575 ₦
Prices for subsequent years are illustrative only and subject to change. Schools may or may not raise their prices for each academic year.


The one-time registration fee for new students to preschool and pre-kindergarten will be delayed until kindergarten.


In addition to regular tuition fees, application fees, and registration fees charged to each student as described in Policy 10.400. Student Fees, special fees may be charged for certain programs and activities. These fees may include but are not limited to:

  • Band equipment rental
  • Library fines
  • Individual and class photographs
  • After School Activities
  • Field trips
  • International trips

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