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Some Americans Want Facebook Deleted After Data Scandal: Read Reactions

Mark Zuckerberg admits to US Senate that Facebook scrapes audio from every single video you upload to Facebook and Instagram. Many Americans were furious because the man they trust with their privacy has failed them.

Though, the CEO of Facebook, Mark said they are putting up measures to avoid such mistakes again in the future. However, many are still afraid that the data leak might also have effects in the coming elections.

Other people believe they can’t trust Mark Zuckerberg again since the owner doesn’t have knowledge of the company. Mark claimed ignorant of some issues on data scandal. Though he admitted that Facebook keeps track of users’ browser history even not online.

Read some reactions below;

“Listening to him speak right now is appalling. The guy literally sounds like he’s had a lobotomy and is the most disingenuous puke ever. It painful to listen and he’s so snide.”

“Mark Zuckerberg is right on the line between a lie & truth. He is omitting information and avoiding answering questions. Lucky for him the Senators are too dumb to know anything technology or care enough to follow up on their questions.”

“Zuckerberg says Facebook users can delete information any time they want. But I’ve been offered “Facebook memories” of things I’ve deleted and there’s no delete option for these memories. So these pieces of data are still on Facebook.”

Facebook Owner, Mark Zuckerberg at US Congress on Data Scandal

“Zuck isn’t aware if Mueller has issued a subpoena to his company. He is the CEO. He should know this.”

“The fact that Mark Zuckerberg would even consider sharing data with ICE is sad. Just because they say they’ll use the data to identify the most harmful immigrants, we know they’ll use it to target activists/organizers.”

“Zuckerberg is no Steve Jobs.  He seems like he’s an ok person & he is trying to answer the questions but a lot of the time he appears to not know or is a bit amateur in how he runs the company. His passing answers to his team for later responses makes him look weak.”

“Watching these “Senators” that are supposed to have our best interest at heart talk about technology is hilarious. They don’t understand what their staff wrote for them”

“The data needs to be encrypted so that Facebook doesn’t have access to it.”

“Until that happens you’re always sharing the data on Facebook and you can NEVER trust them.”

“I don’t think Facebook should give up any control they have of their company to the government. I know people who are using the free market solution of switching to another social media platform, such as @mewe. Let’s try that first, rather than to give government more control.”

Facebook Owner, Mark Zuckerberg at US Congress on Data Scandal


“What I’m learning today is that NOBODY reads Terms of Service. Not even Facebook!”

“Mark Zuckerberg when asked in a 2009 BBCWorld interview if Facebook would ever sell personal user data. His answer? “No! Of course not.”

“Don’t trust this guy. It’s all about the money to him. He sold us out!”

“Zuckerberg getting grilled by Sen. Blumenthal, who says Facebook cannot be trusted, Zuckerberg cannot be trusted and legislation is needed.”

“Finally watching clips of Zuckerberg today. Two things are clear – (1) we have to get better privacy & data rules for Facebook; & (2) we need more tech-savvy Members of Congress. You can’t conduct oversight if you don’t know what you are overseeing.”

“Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t know if the company he built and leads track your browsing history. Scary Big Brother.”

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“Is the data really gone after you delete your facebook?” Why was that question not answered by Zuckerberg?”

“I’m old enough to remember when people thought that social media was the great democratizer that would help sow the seeds of new democracies globally.”

“Facebook’s Zuckerberg dodged the question of whether social media apps like his addictive to kids & harmful. Many experts telling me insanely addictive, to point kids losing productivity, becoming more anxious, stressed.”

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