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The Art of Loving; 7 Amazing Things You Should Know

The Art of Loving

  1. Love in your heart is not enough if you don’t know how to make your partner feel it.
  2. Until you appreciate how your partner uniquely perceives and expects to receive love, you will surely fail in their life.
  3. Take time to study them, learn them then map them. You cannot have an “A-game” on them when you don’t know what wins them.
  4. Everyone has a soft spot, a “love language” by which they are disarmed. This is the secret to holding your partner to “ransom” with your love.
  5. Selfishness will waste your love experience. You are not the focus, they are! You are in their life to share a remarkable experience of making something happen for them. Make it happen by humbling yourself. Let go of your ego and give them the best experience only you can give.
  6. Loving is humbling. It is doing your best for them because you value them and not because they gave their best. It is a decision, a commitment and a pursuit.
  7. Loving is a lot of work. People don’t experience its best because they don’t give their best to it. Take it like a project you can suffer, sacrifice and labour for to get a result.

Take it like pregnancy, it may be discomforting and labour may be painful but when the baby comes forth, the joy outweighs the pain.

Love is an art .. learn to unleash it!…

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Adesewa Hearted

Adesewa Hearted is Lover of Christ, Accountant, Relationship Coach, Public Speaker, Baker and Fashion Designer.

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