FILSU National President Appoints Atanda Abeeb as the Media Secretary


The Federation of Iwo Land Students’ Union (FILSU) National Headquarters appoints Atanda Abeeb as Media Secretary. Atanda Abeeb who is popularly known as Certified Lakwize is a vibrant youth, graphic designer, and social media expert. The young Atanda is a young talented with many skills which is believed that he would help in the awareness for the purchasing of proposed Union bus.

Abeeb who has participated actively in the past administration by contributing immensely has been rewarded as the media secretary for the course to achieve the purchasing Innoson Motor Bus. Innoson Motor Company is a Nigeria company who is promoting the value of this country.

The union is looking forward to buying a union bus from the Nigeria made company Innoson. The union deems it fit to get the bus for the union to ease the stress her members when it comes to transportation. The President believes getting the bus from the Nigeria Company is a way to promote our locally made products.

The President of the union, Abeeb Muyiwa Jorjor announced the appointment of Atanda Abeeb this morning in a memo passed this morning. He believes with the capacity of Atanda Abeeb as the media secretary can help to achieve the goals.

The memo goes thus;


In our relentless effort to make this forthcoming Iwoland summit and fundraising of #10m for purchasing of innosson union bus organized by federation of iwoland students union a successful one and to give all the youth of the land a sense of belonging in the program

I hereby appoint comr Atanda Abeeb Olalekan Lakwise as the media secretary of the committee after he has shown his readiness to discharge his intellectual quota to the success of this incoming program.

Abeeb Muyiwa Abdulhammed Balogun jorjor
FILSU National President

The program is slated to hold on 31st March, 2018.



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