How To Backup Your Computer Before It Crashes By Tobi Olusa

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This article will discuss how you can easily back-up your computer before it crashes. It is advisable to backup your laptop or computer before an unfortunate incident happens. Losing files or documents can be a painful loss. To avoid such, you need to backup the important files now.

The first thing to keep in mind: If your computer hasn’t crashed yet, it will in the future!

So instead of waiting for fate to strike, take some precautions now:

1) BACKUP! Buy some decent DVD-R discs and put everything useful in them. When you have more useful stuff, back up again. Do this often.

2) Keep your computer healthy. Use an antivirus, an anti-spy, and a firewall. Keep them updated. Check regularly for Windows critical fixes.

3) Don’t install software that would do dangerous things to your hard drive. A boot manager would fall in this category.

4) Use a registry cleaner before and after you install or uninstall any software. Many of the problems that will keep Windows from booting are caused by sloppy software that mess up your registry. A good registry cleaner is Tune-up Utilities.

5) Run chkdsk now and then. Go to Start> Run. Type chkdsk /F. Press enter.

That is all.

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And for those that luck wasn’t in their side and had a crashed system. Don’t fell frustrated you still have hope.

I know the devil is whispering in your ears to format your system and lost your files but I’m here to tell you that there is a better alternative than formatting your system.

I will be dropping it soon.

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Tobi Olusa is a WordPress expert and Computer consultant.