BBN: The Defect and Backwardness Curtained Within – The Future Bleaks


While the atrocious programme dubbed Big Brother Naija (BBN) formerly known as the Big Brother Nigeria went rife, got enormous interest and has turned the topic of the day. I find it necessary to exempt myself from the contemporary bevvy of youths who had been blindfolded with the ransom attached to it. Probably, due to the satanic propensities acted upon. I chose to make it a norm to patronise and view this programme. Yell at every sexualized movement and take it up at social media to defend the “positive” benefits veiled within the apparent and nebulous film show.

Let’s tour down the lane of history when the programmed incepted in 2006 and lapses from March 5 to June 4. Christening Katung Aduwak as the winner after some varieties of favouritism had been played out and withdrew victory from Ebuka Obi- Uchendu. And I’m being propped to ask where the losers presently? Are they down the street rummaging it? No. Katung Aduwak is now an adept director schooled at New York and bagged a directorial degree in Digital Film Academy. He is famous for his well-known movies; Unwanted Guest and Heavenly Hell.

Ebuka Obi- Uchendu later went for his masters, wrote several newspapers and magazines. He is now the host who anchors a mind-blogging programme on channels TV, Rubbin’ minds. We also have the likes of Sandra Osaigbo, Sandy, who is a fellow at the Institute if Registered and pretty doing well.

While the writers are not ignorant of this boom and successes. It is mightily sardonic that the once utmost conflicting and agonizing topic of the day has turned into the cherished film show who makes many uneasy if failed to see an episode. It further increases the number of subscribers and viewers amidst youths.

Let’s do a quick calculation on how the subscribers immensely aid the programme blossom. To vote for your best contestant to avoid eviction, it is done either online or offline. While the former is free the latter costs the sum of #30 (#50 when the programme is on) and according to Premiumtimes, over 26 million persons view the programme.

Now assumably, 20% votes (20% of 26 million) results into 5.2million. Multiplied by #30 (if eventually, no one votes during the programme) amounts to #156 million. What a whooping sum of money trooping into the account of one of their sponsors, PayPorte eCommerce.

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Presumably, this article is to express my discontent about the negative outcome the programme is inflicting on us. The youth of Nigeria who had already been rained with myriads of tumultuous problems. Ranging from unemployment, kidnapping, nefarious slaughtering and poor educational system. It is no gainsaying that the piece is to serve as an eye-opener to those who will reason along the path I trend and disregard what concocted and ominous omen this film show covers.

Unknown to all, it came back with a well-framed and strategic plan after 11 years of silence, in 2017. Here is the third season, as announced before the commencement in January 2018, the sum of #48 million will be awarded to the winner. The previous winner and an upcoming Warri Artiste, Efe Ejeba. He went home with a brand new Kia Sorento SUV and N25 million naira cash prize.

Also, he was appreciated and appraised. He was honoured throughout the country after the show by many state governors perhaps as if he was the Messiah. I pity what our culturally desired human qualities and attributes of success will be in years to come.

The question is: how did he (Efe) contribute to nation building? How did he contribute to the national growth and development to have deserved this much honour? This honour was accorded to him alone despite the fact that we have many youths who are inventors, intellectuals, and talented in different areas who could not get support from any government. Many first class graduates are denied automatic employment and all.

Well, I will like to address this issue sociologically as much as I can. Robert K.Merton, in his critical functionalist theory, came up with some different assumptions which are helpful in seeing the previously and gullibly held beliefs about sociocultural and structural events, values, and norms in the society. He noted that, as opposed to the early sociologists, socio-cultural events, values and norms in the society can be dysfunctional and nonfunctional.

This means a sociocultural event and norm can possess negative functions or no function at all respectively. And that a sociocultural event or norm can be both functional and dysfunctional, in such a way that it will give room for net balance which will calculate the balance between the negative and positive functions of an event.

In this light, I will like to state it loud and clear that, using the functional level of analysis as prescribed by Merton in calculating how the functions of an event weigh its dysfunctions or vice versa. “BBN” has much more disadvantages than its advantages to the society. It has brought about the transmission of public nonsense on stations across the nation. Sexual intercourse being done openly and all that. It also makes many youths to lose creativity just because they find something to see 24/7. Even, despite the fact that they do not know the concept of the show. Ladies are now gradually losing their worth just because of the money involved.

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Well, don’t let me be too negative about the programme. Inarguably it opiates and designs the lives of youths. As many youths who have forcefully become idle find themselves lively and have their days filled with fun as they see it. This opium makes the youths to forget their sorrows of unemployment and many issues. The attention gotten by this programme alone is enough to make people become insensitive to pressing sociopolitical issues in Nigeria.

Now to the general public to objectively view from our outpouring. What’s the fate of unsteady youths who can sell her own body to get a place in the contest and yet be evicted at the earlier stage? What’s the fate of youths who have decided conclusively to neglect important issues like education, politics, et al?

The retrogressive effect is likely to be a steady and uncontrollable rape case. It would be rot and negligence of education and other preposterous and laughable effect.

Now, over to you to be the judge?

Dot the I and crossed the T.



Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Obafemi Awolowo University

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