Top 20 Profitable and Best Blogging Niches in Nigeria 2019

Do you want to be a blogger or you are new to blogging but don’t know what to blog about in Nigeria?

Here are the top 20 best blogging niches in Nigeria 2019, which you can venture into and make money online.

These blogging niches are the best profitable blog niches in Nigeria.

Many have been asking questions like how to find a profitable blog niche, evergreen blog niche or the untapped blogging niches in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, this post will bring answers to all your questions today.

Today, you will get to know the best blogging niches in Nigeria 2019 and tips for finding profitable niche ideas.

Before we continue, let’s see;

What is Blogging Niche?

Blogging Niche is just the general blogging subjects and topics one can choose to blog on.

Before starting a blog, you need to choose a specific blog niche and then choose evergreen blog topics for the Niche.

It might be difficult for you as a beginner or as a new blogger, and perhaps you end you up in choosing the wrong blog niche.

Probably, you might not even make any money from that blog if you did not choose the right blogging niche.

Today, I have decided to make a list of top blogging niches in Nigeria, of which you can start today and make money blogging.

It will help you know the most profitable blogging niches in Nigeria and as well most popular blog topics 2019.

Now, let’s see the top 20 best blogging niches in Nigeria 2019 that you can choose to start blogging.

20 Best Blogging Niches in Nigeria 2019

20 Best Blogging Niches in Nigeria 2019

  • Entertainment
  • Make Money Online
  • Music
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Job & Career
  • Product Reviews
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Fitness & Exercise
  • Health & Wellness
  • Relationship & Dating
  • Freelancing
  • Blogging Guide
  • Religion
  • Events Planning
  • Lifestyle
  1. Entertainment

Entertainment Niche is the first on our list here today. It has the most search volume in Nigeria.

From my research study, about three entertainment blogs made the list of top 10 blogs in Nigeria.

This is the most comfortable blog niche to start up in Nigeria with the most popular blog topics in 2019.

This Niche involves regular updating of your blog with the latest and trending entertainment news.

Hence, you get to work hard to make fast money if you are in this Niche.

To get started, you can pick any of these topics on Entertainment niche.

  • Gossips
  • Viral News
  • Celebrity Gists
  • Jokes and Comedy
  • Entertainment News

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  1. Make Money Online

Make Money Online Niche is one of the best blogging niches in 2019.

This alone is a great keyword that has high search volume on Google search engine every month in Nigeria.

People tend to look for a way to make money online in Nigeria, and then starting a blog on this Niche is an excellent idea.

You will get to make cool earnings once you monetize it with Google Adsense Affiliate Marketing etc.

Below here are topics for a Make Money Online niche blog.

  • Affiliate marketing guides
  • Make money on social media
  • Make money blogging
  • Surveys companies
  • Make money from home, etc.
  1. Music

Music niche is one of the profitable blog niches in Nigeria with low competition. This is a sub-niche in Entertainment, but not all music’s are entertainment music.

However, the music niche is a lucrative niche on its own with a massive number of searches and music downloads every month.

If you are good at music, you can start up a music niche blog and make money today.

See the available blog topics for a music niche.

  • Pop Music
  • Gospel Music
  • Music Downloads.

Profitable blogging niches in Nigeria


  1. Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and Beauty is another exciting blog niche I admire a lot in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians, mostly ladies, loves fashion and likes to know the trending fashion wears. If you are good in fashion, this is an attractive option for you to start blogging on it.

You can start by providing evergreen contents on fashion designing, best outfit colour combinations etc.

Below here are few topics on Fashion and Beauty blog niche.

  • Make Ups
  • Latest styles
  • Fashion news
  • Celebrity styles
  • Men/Women wear.

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  1. Education

Education is another profitable blog niche that is very lucrative, and it is one of the tops and best blogging niches in Nigeria in 2019.

If you are looking for what to blog about in Nigeria, starting a blog on this Niche is not a bad idea.

In Nigeria, Education is very much appreciated, and such makes it one of the best blogging niches in Nigeria.

You can provide information on academics, school news, and admission updates etc.

Also, you can monetize your site using Google Adsense, Affiliate products, Sales of E-books, Past Questions etc.

Below are the most popular blog topics on Education niche.

  • Scholarships
  • Project Topics
  • Admission Updates
  • Academic Guides
  • Internships.
  1. Politics

Politics is another blog niche that made my list today. In Nigeria, political news is not something to joke with.

Top blogs on this Niche like Punch, Vanguard, etc. has proved to be the best political news platform. They provide trending and quality news on political matters, news and discussions.

Starting a blog on this Niche will be very good if you can beat them in providing the latest news on politics.

Hence you can reach more audience by running social media adverts and promotions.

Here are the sub-niches and topics for a political news blog.

  • Elections
  • Campaigns
  • Political News etc.

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  1. Sports

Sports niche is another beautiful blog niche you can think about today. Also, Sports niche alongside Political Niche is the most discussed topics in Nigeria.

This Niche includes soccer, sports news, football, etc. having a massive number of search volumes on search engines.

It is one of the best blogging niches one can venture into Nigeria.

If you are good at sports betting, you can provide cool betting tips and review of some popular betting sites like Bet9ja etc.

Below here are the sub-categories of Sports blog niches.

  • NBA
  • Racing
  • Basketball
  • Sport news
  • Football updates.
  1. Technology

Technology niche is one of the top blogging niches in Nigeria.

This is the Niche I like the most because it is versatile. You can choose a sub-niche or a micro niche to blog about.

This Niche is pretty much lucrative once you know what you are doing and make fresh money.

If you are a techy or a tech lover, then, starting a blog on this Niche will be perfect for you. You can provide contents on technology news, updates, how-to’s, and tech-related topics.

Below are the different topics to choose from for a Technology blog.

  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Data and Telecoms
  • Technology News Updates
  • Mobile Phone Reviews & Specs
  • Computer Specs and Accessories.

profitable blogging niche in Africa

  1. Job & Career

Do you know that there are many job seekers on the internet today due to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria?

Job and Career niche is what solves all only if you are capable of doing it.

This is an evergreen blog niche that drives millions of users and job seekers to blogs on this Niche.

Starting a blog on this Niche will make good passive income for you once you provide the right information to them at the right time.

Here are the few topics you can blog about on Jobs & Career blog niche.

  • Job Vacancies
  • Internship Training
  • Career Talk & Guidance etc.

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  1. Product Reviews

Product reviews blog niche is one of the most profitable blogging niches in Nigeria 2019.

This blog niche is fast-growing and unlike the over-saturated Technology niche.

You can start a blog on this Niche today by providing the hottest blog topics on the latest products, phones, laptops etc.

Also, you write reviews on different make online money platforms with proper guides, reviews on websites etc.

Then go for monetization using Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, with cool organic traffic you will make good earnings.

You can start a blog on Product review niche with the following blog topics.

  • Latest Phones
  • Cheap Laptops
  • Scientific Calculator etc.
  1. Travel

Travel blog is another lucrative niche that is paving the way in Nigeria today.

It is one of the untapped blogging niches in Nigeria many people don’t know.

Travel niche has very low competition in Nigeria with hundreds of thousands of searches every month.

You can provide quality contents on different travel niche topics like how to travel abroad, how to get visa approval etc.

See some of the Travel niche blog topics you can blog on.

  • Cheap flight tickets
  • Tourism
  • Visa guide
  • Travel guide
  • How to get quick visa approval.

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  1. Food

A food blog is a charming blog niche for anybody that doesn’t know what to blog about in Nigeria.

Of course, this blog niche is simply the best and most comfortable for any lady that wants to start blogging.

However, you must know how to cook and as well make it your hobby.

This is indeed an excellent blog niche that is very interesting to blog on.

You can start a food blog today and publish quality contents on food recipes, meals, diets etc.

Below are a few of the blog topics one can cover on a food niche blog.

  • Food Recipes
  • Food Industry
  • Specialized Diets
  • Traditional Meal
  • International Meal.
  1. Fitness & Exercise

On the Fitness and Exercise niche blog, you share information and tips on how to be physically fit.

You can as well provide information on proper exercises, workouts, yoga and other topics related to physical fitness.

This is a profitable blog niche one can venture into and make money in Nigeria.

You can monetize your blog using different sources, including affiliate products or marketing, Google Adsense etc.

See the available blog topics on fitness and Exercise niche.

  • Yoga
  • Exercises
  • Workout
  • Pregnancy Workouts
  • Women & Men Fitness.
  1. Health & Wellness

Health niche is another untapped blogging niche I found exciting, and it is one of the best blog niches in Nigeria.

This Niche is base on providing answers and solutions to health-related problems like Cancer, Weight loss etc.

You can start a blog on this Niche today if you are good in health-related topics or medically inclined.

At first, when starting on this Niche, you need to get a sub-niche under health with less competitive keywords and write on them.

Once you monetize your blog with Google Adsense, you can make cool earnings from it.

See some of the sub-niches or micro-niches for a health blog.

  • Skin care
  • Weight loss
  • Healthy Meals
  • Moringa benefits
  • Herbal remedies
  • Scar Remover
  • Shea butter.

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  1. Relationship & Dating

Relationship and Dating is one of the top blogging niches in Nigeria today with a good number of search volumes.

Putting up a blog on this Niche requires you to provide evergreen contents on sharp relationship tips and healthy relationship.

However, you must be perfect in relationship matters and know the exact tips in Dating.

Many lovers or those in relationships seek for advice and tips on how to keep a good relationship.

With proper planning and monetization techniques, you will succeed in Relationship and Dating niche.

See some of the blog topics one can cover on Relationship & Dating niche.

  • Dating
  • Marriage
  • Romance
  • Hookups
  • Sugar mummy
  1. Freelancing

Freelancing Niche is a blog niche mostly for Internet Marketers, Webmasters and Freelancers.

This blog niche drives a lot of visitors to freelance blogs from Google search engines every month in Nigeria.

It is one of the hottest blog topics in 2019 with a lot of search queries.

You can create a blog on this Niche today and start publishing contents on the blog topic ideas.

Here are the different categories for a freelance blog niche.

  • Freelancing
  • Digital marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization.

Social Media Marketing tips in Nigeria

  1. Blogging Guide

Blogging Guide is one of the top blogging niches in Nigeria 2019.

This is the Niche that provides the ultimate guide and solutions to all blogging problems.

Which Includes Search Engine Optimization, Blogging Tutorials, WordPress, Blogger tips etc.

However, to succeed in this Niche, you must be ready to provide better contents than your competitors.

With proper keyword research, you can write on blog topics with less competition and rank fast on Google.

For monetization, Affiliate Marketing seems to be the best monetization strategy for bloggers on this Niche.

Below here are blogging guide niche topics you can start to blog on.

  • SEO
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Blogging Tutorials
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  1. Religion

Religion niche is another blog niche on our list here today.

Almost everybody in Nigeria today belongs to one religion or the other.

From my research study, 70 – 80% of Nigeria populations are Christians.

This blog niche has a good number of search volumes from Google search engine monthly.

If you are good in religious ethics, starting up a blog today and covering the most blog topics on Religion, mostly Christianity is not a bad idea.

Below are some of the sub-niches for a Religion blog niche.

  • Spirituality
  • Prayer points
  • Motivational guides.

Online marketing business tips

  1. Events Planning

In every big occasion or events in Nigeria today, there is always an Event Planner.

This ranges from occasions like parties, club shows, wedding ceremonies etc.

These people are the main organizers of the event both for the decorations, cleaning and others.

They make sure that the planning of the event is very successful.

You can start up a blog on this Niche if you are a good event planner and provide some tips on event planning.

This Niche has a good number of users searching for it online in Nigeria monthly.

You can make a lot of money if you start a blog on this Niche, people can hire you for there events and occasions etc.

See some of the topics to cover on the Events Planning niche blog;

  • Wedding
  • Decorations
  • Event Planning
  • Nigeria Events
  • Cheap Hotels
  1. Lifestyle

A lifestyle blog niche is another profitable blog niche, and it is one of the best blogging niches in Nigeria.

This Niche is usually a personal blog where you share information on People Lifestyles, Biographies, Self developments etc.

Starting a blog on this Niche is an excellent idea for you to make money blogging.

There are various sources of monetization in this Niche if you know what you are doing.

Here are some cool topics you can write on for a Lifestyle blog niche.

  • Biographies
  • Celebrity Lifestyles
  • Personal Developments etc.

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And that is all we have for you on the top 20 Best Blogging Niches in Nigeria 2019 with their most popular blog topics.

So, give it a try and start your own blog today, do research and choose the perfect Niche that suits you.

Provide evergreen contents on any of the blog niches you choose and do proper optimization.

Once you are done with all these, monetizing your blog will never be a problem for you.

Thank you!

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