How To Make Bitter Leaf Soap Recipe By Debbie Ibiyemi

How To Make Bitter Leaf Soap Recipe By Debbie Ibiyemi

How To Make Bitter Leaf Soap Recipe By Debbie Ibiyemi

A bitter leaf soap is a natural African soap. This is perfect for the treatment of pimples, black-heads and it also firms the face. It makes your skin to maintain its normal condition. Though many Nigerians prefer bar soaps, the fact is the bitter leaf soap is amazing.

Adding a bitter leaf to your black soap is one good way to get rid of skin conditions that have defied several other treatments

I have talked extensively about the benefit of bitter leaves to the skin and using bitter leaf soap is just another means of harnessing these benefits

Follow this recipe and tweak as you deem fit

1 cup crumbled black soap (use any cup you like)

1/2 cup pure honey

1/4 cup pureed bitter leaves

3 tablespoons coconut oil.

Method To Follow:

Mix your black soap with honey and keep in a closed container for 2 weeks ( sometimes I leave it up to a month).

After the two weeks, get fresh bitter leaves and rinse. Scrub between your hands to bring lather then pound well to make a paste and measure into the black soap as well.

Mix this very well and if it is too thick for you, add more honey. Afterward, add the coconut oil.

Keep this for as long as you can but a minimum of 4 days is fine.

Begin to use as your daily soap.

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Yes, kids can use it.

No, it will not lighten you.

Definitely, it will cure skin diseases and prevent new ones.

Consistently, it will also make your skin glow.

Note: you don’t have to leave the soap to cure for long. You can, however, go through the whole process in one day but for best result, please follow my recipe.

Do you have any question on the making of bitter leaf soap? Contact Debbie Ibiyemi