Bleaching or Body Enhancement not Change of Identity – Oluwo

Oluwo of Iwo land

Every action has its causative and effects. As an informed mind, the duo factors are considered before the application of cosmetic products while the decision is personal. Recently, the government of Rwanda pronounced a ban on skin bleaching products on the claim that the materials are harmful to the human body.

Oluwo of Iwoland, HIM Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale, in his usual demonstration of his enlightenment, said the skin bleaching or body enhancement among the Blacks should not lead to castigation, bullying or a change of identity, that it is a display of under development !!

Oluwo described cosmetic products and accessories application as a personal decision of users, hoping to castigate of skin bleaching otherwise called body enhancer is an infringement on citizens right to appearance.

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The paramount ruler stated he sees nothing wrong if the best products with no harm are used, pointing that body enhancement is not changing of identity or makes you evil.

According to him, Oluwo said; “Appearance is a personal interest. Even, the white people do a process called tanning to enhance their looks, applying products to look brown just as black men in Africa apply bleaching products to look white. Such a decision of skin treatment is a personal decision of which restriction is an affront on the personal right. And denial can never stand the test of time in a developed nation.

“Contact lens is equally body enhancement product. Must we ban contact lens because it will give our eyes colour? The world is digital. Body treatment is a personal decision. As an identity, we need not shun the grace of our era. Go for the best products while treating your body”

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“Everyone has a personal reason. As an African, you can decide to make your skin lighter through body enhancement products in as much as you please just like the white men are tanning to look darker or brown. It is your choice in as much it doesn’t change your identity or who you are. Your look is your personal asset”

It could be recalled that skin bleaching ban but I call them body enhancement product has been implemented by the Ministry of Health and the Rwanda Food and Drug Authority

Oba Akanbi cautioned countries with less effective/inimical bleaching products to be preventive, saying quality products cause no harm to human body.

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“Those countries purportedly discrediting bleaching are displaying local knowledge. Instead, they should upgrade and propagate the sale of first-class products not inimical to their healthy living. We are enduring to match civilization. We need not to pretend but we step forward to get there. Despite that, we must avoid decisions capable of capping us as children of socialization”


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