The Place of Books in Your Personal Growth | By Niyi Daniel

Reading books and Personal Growth?

Life is a mystery. It is complex and complicated to understand because the issue of life to different people appears in a mysterious way which only God can help to come out of it victoriously.

In my quest for knowledge, I have discovered that most of the issues of life that is too complex and complicated to confuse people, God has inspired men to put the solutions in writings which serves as a book for us, that is why we have the bible and other books written by men for us to read, digest and practically apply to our life and destiny.

Books are ancient secrets, timeless principles and hidden treasures which gives information, impartation, and direction to set our lives for total transformation. Books are meant to inspire us to unleash our potentials and getting clarity for purposeful living.

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Reading books for Your Personal Growth and success

It is so unfortunate that many people were looking for solutions to their problems not knowing that there are books written by various men that have addressed it. All they need to do is to lay hold on those books and carefully follow the timeless principles that are shared in getting their desired results.

Every activity, business or work needs the information to thrive. No one has ever succeeded in any endeavour without getting prepared and thoroughly furnished with relevant information. Information is easily accessed when you value book reading and it is through your dedication and commitment to personal reading that your personal growth is unfolded.

Your personal growth cannot experience exponential growth if you don’t value books and committed to building personal and functional library stock with books that address different subjects of life.

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Don’t be a man and woman of beautiful attires with an empty brain. You need to add value to your life daily and increasing your information bank account through reading so that you can have something to retrieve. Also, to use it when you are confronted with challenges.

I have seen and met different successful people that are getting outstanding results in what they are doing. The secret they always share with me is to value information through book reading. It has been my custom to ask people the value they have for books and their personal and functional library in their homes if they have.

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I challenge you today to maximize every opportunity to read books that can transform your life. You cannot afford to be an ignorant person in an information age. Get your mind ready and be committed to developing a reading culture and lifestyle which you can pass to the next generation as a legacy.


Niyi Daniel: The Leadership And Personal Development Coach.

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