Motivational Article| Break the Box By Amoo Ridwan Adekunle

Motivational Article| Break the Box By Amoo Ridwan Adekunle

“You should only be boxed when you’re dead”.

Motivational Article| Break the Box By Amoo Ridwan Adekunle

I don’t know how else to explain this short quote of mine but all I’m simply saying if you’re young and full of vigour to get a lot done. This is the time of your life when there is the strength to even move mountains sarcasm.

There is time for everything and your youthful days are meant to be a landmark for creativity that constitutes to your great future. It should be Adventurous and Fun; It should be Educative and Innovative. Moreover, it should be Inspiring and Challenging.

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What I’m saying, in short, is that this is the time you can conveniently live your DREAMS.  Don’t get your life boxed up because of your environment, exposure, people’s opinions or your family. Also, to let it boxed because of your past, your friends, your boss, the Economy, past results or the fear of the Unknown.

Truth is, success doesn’t come easily but the heart by which you do things counts a lot. The conviction of being able to do it encourages you and even when it doesn’t feel like achieving the goal is feasible. Remember, the motive behind starting it anyway. This quote from one of Neil’s books caught me;

“[If you are reading this]… You’re alive! That means you have infinite potential. You can do anything. If you change the world, the world will change.” – Neil Gaiman

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Finally, friends, I just feel it’s high time we stopped restricting ourselves to boundaries set by others and start to think outside the box. In fact, we need to break out of the box and live free fulfilling purpose and working out our dreams.

The only box you should find yourself should be the coffin and that’s after you’re dead. But, if you’re alive, you have more than enough potentials to make a lot of changes around here.

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