How To Build Influence and Make Money via Online Marketing


By Coach Yusuf Owolabi

The online marketing that you think it’s easy is not easy. The online marketing that you think it’s hard is not hard.

However, the actual challenge you have is that you don’t know the tricks and you don’t possess the effective tips.

I will share two tips for effective online marketing for you now.

But before sharing the tips, I want to tell you a few things about my relationship with people in the online space.

Do you know that there I have a WhatsApp group that was created in the year 2016 and it’s still functioning perfectly up till this moment?

Do you know that I have another WhatsApp group created by me since 2017 and it’s still active like a newborn baby up till today?

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You want to know why these groups are still very active up till today, right?

I will tell you pretty soon. Just keep calm and reading along.

Back to the two tips, I said I will share with you for you to succeed online while marketing your products and services.

How To Build Influence and Make Money via Online Marketing

First Tip:

If you don’t give value, don’t expect money in return.

This means that if you are not willing to share valuable values for free with people in a strategic manner, don’t expect people to buy your products and services online.

Marketing is mainly based on competence, tested knowledge, skills and expertise.

Your entire wisdom and understanding of your self-acclaimed skill must be weighed by the audience judiciously before they can buy from you every day. The same thing they need for them to refer you to their friends and business partners.

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Second Tip:

People buy people:

If you have not read, seen or heard this before, please read it again and say it loud to yourself because it is a reality.

In online space, you need to build influence. And you can only build influence by branding yourself. You can only build influence by improving your personal brand.

Branding and online marketing

When you do this, you create a system of educational marketing for people to believe in you and trust you wholeheartedly.

When people have seen how your business brand and personal brand is rising daily, when they see that you are gathering more followers, when they see that you are becoming a sought-after brand, then they buy your ideas naturally and definitely buy anything you table for them.

To be continued…


Your Penmaster & Business Strategist,

Coach Yusuf Owolabi


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