7 Frank Business Lessons You Should Learn From Football Transfer Market

7 Frank Business Lessons I Learned From Football And Their Market That Can Transform Your Business | Tomiwa Ogunremi

I love football, but not a crazy fan.

I support Chelsea FC but love any club playing good football.

Football is a big business, we all know that. But how often do we learn from it?

Football Transfer Market Business and Profits

Premier League transfer market closed last night with shocks and intrigues as the league kicks off today. There were interesting stuffs that happened during the break. Some clubs were proactive while some are reactive. Some supporters are happy with their activities in the market while others are subbing.

What are the things we can learn or adapt to our business from what is happening in the football world?

Here are 7 business lessons from my observations of football and their market:

  1. The more a club spend on quality players, the more they’re likely to win trophies/The more you invest in your business or marketing your business the more sales and profit you’re likely to make.

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Investment and Insurance

How much have you invested in your business this year?

  1. The more the experience, pedigree and past results of a club’s coach the more they’re likely to win trophies/ The pedigree and results of your coaches/mentors has huge effect on your business success

Who is your coach or mentor?

  1. Clubs look for experienced, quality and good players to strengthen their weak wings or departments/ Look for the weak link in your business and strengthen them through coaching, mentoring, reading, observation and asking questions.

Which area of your business needs strengthening and what are you doing about it?

  1. Aged players are either strengthened or replaced by young players/ Learn or inject new skills or ways of doing things into your business regularly.

Which new skill have learned this year?

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  1. Players are signed and not bought. The relationship are based on contract/Always bind your relationship with clients with contracts.

Do you have a business/client contract template?

  1. Formation or pattern of play is important to coaches and they’re changed based on results and opponents/ Don’t do business without a master strategy to reach your goals.

Do you have a winning strategy?

business winning tips

  1. Every club want to win their league, qualify for Champions League, win other trophies, promote the league, attract traffic to their stadiums, sell tickets and get endorsements hence the investment in players and coaches/Why are you in business? What’s your ultimate goal? Please define why you’re in business.

Why are you in business?

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