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Can You Succeed By Being A Runs Girl? | By Akande Wuraola

I am yet to see a girl who becomes very successful through runs or by sleeping with rich men. However, I have seen a young girl that looks older than her age, with a flat chest, battling with diseases and STDs.

Some are found dead on the streets, forgetting that success is not sexually transmitted but earned through hard work. It doesn’t matter whose contact you’ve got in your phone or the so-called dirty connection as you call it.

They will only call you when you’re needed for their sexual gratification. Also, whatever you think they give to you, it is just scraps that fall from their table while you are busy licking their wounds.

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Can You Succeed By Being A Runs Girl? | By Akande Wuraola

You are feeling like a celebrity because of the flashy cars that pick and drop you off every now and then, forgetting that you get older each day and before you know it, you’ll look like a forty-year-old woman and you still expect one innocent responsible man to marry you.

It’s better you suffer now and have a better life tomorrow because the firewood you gather for the dry season, that’s what you will use for the raining season.

Being a runs girl does not pay. Wise up.

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Rodiat Wuraola Goldkem HerbsAkande Rodiat Wuraola is from Osun state. She is currently a student of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of agricultural economics. She’s also a member of the united medium-scale farmers (OAU) chapter where they rear bees as a member (apiary groups).

Rodiat Wuraola is also a certified project manager from the vintage school’ of leadership and personal development. She is a herbs doctor, she makes research on herbs to cure different ailments. Check her website Goldkelm Organics Herbs and Skincare

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