20 Tech Roles in Canada

Here is a description of some 20 Tech Roles in Toronto | By Tunde Omotoye

– Task required (check google for in-depth)
– Skills Needed (check google for in-depth)
– Average Salary.

Let’s analyse the tech roles below;

1- Security Specialist

Task: Analyze, Maintain security of data, systems, and equipment. Also, Investigate breaches.

Skills: In-depth knowledge of systems & security threats. Analytical skills, interest in staying up-to-date on changes in the industry.

Avg Pay: CA$84K/yr

2- Game Developer

Task: This ranges from programming to designing and graphics to testing of games.

Skills: Passion for video games, Strong analytical frame of mind, Proficiency in programming languages, such as C# and C++

Avg Pay: CA$66K/yr

3- Product Manager

Task: Understand & balance multiple requirements for products. Set priorities and make sure the best products are produced. Analyze results.

Skills: Analytical. Technical background. Interacts well with different groups.

Avg Pay: CA$86K/yr

4- Data Scientist

Task: Analyzing and interpreting findings from data for decision-making.

Skills: Deep understanding of organization’s situation and strategy. Excellent analytical & modelling skills.

Avg Pay: CA$82K/yr

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Cms, WordPress

5- WordPress Developer

Task: Managing content, deploy and back up sites. Design & code themes and plugins. Managing versions with Git and GitHub.

Skills: Git + GitHub, PHP, HTML, CSS

Avg Pay: CA$84K/yr

6- UI Designer

Task: Design site interfaces & graphics. Customer analysis and design research. Create branding and interactive animated designs.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git + GitHub, Photoshop, Wireframing, Prototyping tools

Avg Pay: CA$76K/yr

7- Systems Administrator

Task: Maintain, update, and upgrade software and hardware. Troubleshoot technical problems.

Skills: Hands-on experience with operating systems & equipment. Good organizational skills and attention to details.

Avg Pay: CA$70K/yr

8- QA (Quality Assurance) Specialist

Task: Evaluate software and applications. Develop and run quality tests. Document & analyze test results.

Skills: Independent. Detail-oriented. Systematic. Analytical

Avg Pay: CA$54K/yr

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9- Mobile App Developer

Task: Create, design, and develop mobile apps.

Skills: Mobile programming skills. UX/UI design. Desire to learn new technologies and keep up with trends.

Avg Pay: CA$64K/yr

10- Content Manager

Task: Create and edit content. Define and implement brand voice. Analyze user engagement.

Skills: Writing, editing, and storytelling. Email marketing, AB testing, traction testing, and expertise in CMS like WordPress.

Avg Pay: CA$63K/yr

11- Information Architect

Task: Create site maps and user flows. Define data flows/delivery. Research concept & usability testing.

Skills: Web analytics. Translate user behavior into site structures. Git + GitHub

Avg Pay: CA$91K/yr

12- Interaction Designer

Task: Creating wireframes, screenflows, and prototypes. Develop user personas, site maps, and moodboards. Create interactive web designs.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, frameworks, Git + GitHub

Avg Pay: CA$61K/yr

13- Full-Stack Developer

Task: Build & manage platforms. Create projects, code projects, and manage databases.

Skills: Git + GitHub, HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, Java, MySQL, Ruby, Python, Responsive Web Design, jQuery, frameworks, PHP, Apache.

Avg Pay: CA$73K/yr

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Code, Programming, Python

14- Python Developer

Task: Put Python to work in development designing, prototyping, and developing apps using it.

Skills: Git + GitHub, HTML, CSS, Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery

Avg Pay: CA$69K/yr

15- Systems Engineer

Task: Define, develop, install & evaluate software and systems.

Skills: Expert knowledge of software and hardware.

Avg Pay: CA$89K/yr

16- Data Modeler

Task: Defining what kind of data a company needs and how to structure and organize it.

Skills: Information science training. Conceptual and practical thinking.

Avg Pay: CA$84K/yr

17- Digital Marketing Manager

Task: Attract users & convert them into customers. Measure and analyze what works and what doesn’t.

Skills: Email marketing, SEO & web analytics, branding and storytelling, A/B testing.

Avg Pay: CA$82K/yr

Social Media, Facebook, Twitter

18- Ruby on Rails Developer

Task: Design, prototype, and develop apps.

Skills: Git + GitHub, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, SQL, JS libraries

Avg Pay: CA$95K/yr

19- Business Systems Analyst

Task: Research how a company can best use technology. Help implement and evaluate technology solutions.

Skills: Familiarity with IT systems and software.

Avg Pay: CA$75K/yr

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20- Data Architect

Task: Design and build systems for collecting, processing, and storing data.

Skills: Knowledge of databases and data storage.

Avg Pay: CA$100K/yr

These sites offer free learning opportunities for some tech roles or skills:

Harvard Extension
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