Careers in Fashion Designing/Tailoring

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The Fashion industry is a very broad industry that no one can finish a discussion on it in a short period of time, that’s if it’s ever possible. But fashion designing/tailoring is one aspect of the industry that is top on the list and which we will be looking into today.

As a professional fashion designer (fashion designing) and as someone who has very good and broad knowledge in the Industry. I will like to share great and Amazing career opportunities in this Billion Dollars industry, some which are yet to be tapped into in Nigeria.

Although this is supposed to be a paid course or exclusively my blog post (Undergoing upgrade and moving to a self-hosted platform though. However, I’m a cheerful giver and my love and ambition for nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs are letting me spill it out for free.

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I sincerely do not want this to be a long post because “me sef no like long post”. However, chill and keep calm, it going to worth your time!

Here are a few goldmines of fashion designing or tailoring industry.


This is top on the list because it is a career in fashion designing that a very few of us has tapped into. Although I’ve taken my own to the next Level From helping you set up a website, sourcing for the best machines and machinery to online marketing and putting you in a position of authority just as myself. For those who can afford me, though I’m not ridiculously expensive.


Here, everybody is a fashion designer all you just have to do is a strike for high paying clients. Get the job and give it to a tailor that will sew it. I always advise to work with local tailors, there is something special about these people that a lot of strikers don’t know. ”That one nah secret” if you want to know.

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Assorted-color Button Pin on Brown Surface

This is one aspect of fashion designing that people are yet to fully take Advantage of, although, quite a number of people are into this already.

More people really need to tap into the market of tailoring materials, its a huge market with mouthwatering returns on investment.


These are the art of teaching and developing other people to become professional fashion designers. Every established fashion designer should be doing this because a lot of people are willing to go into tailoring or fashion designing now. In fact, they would pay a fortune to achieve their aims.

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I am Afuye Sodiq Olawale, A Multi Skilled Entrepreneur. Fashion Designer and Computerized Embroidery Specialist.

I help people and Businesses grow.


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