N200 is Enough to Change Your Life By Jubilant James

N200 change life

Has life knocked you down like someone in a wrestling competition?

Are you broke to a point you don’t know what else to do with your life?

Have you been thinking of learning any skill but do not have the money to pay for the courses, seminars, training etc?

Did your girlfriend leave you for another rich guy and you feel the world has collapsed on you?

Is your landlord threatening to throw you out of the house because of not paying your rent as at when due?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, then do one thing for me now. Yes, just one thing. Put your hand inside your pocket and see if you have just #200.

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Wooow, you have N200 and you are busy complaining about the lack of money? That #200 is enough to reboot your financial life entirely.

I am going to show you simples steps on how you can rebuild your life with just #200 and achieve your life dreams.

Please, follow me gradually and digest this information. If you apply these simple steps I will be showing you now, you will be surprised at what you will achieve in the next couple of days or weeks.

STEP #1:

You need to buy N200 Airtel recharge card with that N200 and load it in your Airtel line. If you don’t have Airtel line, you can spend another N100 to get Airtel Sim card or even borrow your friend’s Airtel line. Done right? Let’s move to the next step.

STEP #2:

After loading the card, Dail *312#. Select 3 (Trybe Night Browsing). Select 2 (1.5GB. Valid from 12am-5am). Now you have gotten 1.5GB data that you can use between 12 am – 5 am in the morning.

At this point, you need to go and sleep if you are not used to staying awake till 12 a.m. Also, you can set your alarm to wake you up by 12 a.m so that you can make use of this data you just subscribed now.

STEP #3:

Once is 12 a.m, wake up and leave sleep alone. Remember sleep is an enemy of success. Now rush to YouTube and search for videos on “How To’s” of any skill you want to acquire. If for example, you want to learn CMS (content management system), just search for “Elegant Themes” and you will see videos on how to build your own website. Whatever skill you want to learn, be it graphics designing, blogging etc, just search for the videos and go to www.savefrom.net.

Copy the link of the video you saw on YouTube and paste it into the search box in Savefrom.net website and click download. It will download the video and save it in your device.

Use that 1.5GB data to download all the necessary videos you need that you can download with the available data.

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STEP #4:

Go straight to work. Is time to watch and digest those videos and apply every bit of information in those videos. Watch the videos and teach yourself how to do whatever that has been your challenge.

Remember, at every point in time, pause the video, practice, watch, pause and practice until you master every skill taught in the video.

Do this and you will be surprised that, just by following these steps you have been able to acquire a skill that can be fetching you money. With the skill, you are sure that you can be making money now.


So, do you agree with me now that N200 is enough to change your life?

Watch out for my next post on how to make money from the skill you just acquired. I will show you simple steps you can use to monetize your skills.

I love you and desire to see you at the top.



I am Jubilant James, the MONERIA (Lack of Money Disease) doctor and business coach.



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