DAY 30: Change The Old Mentality; Discomfort From Temporary Pleasure

DAY 30: Change The Old Mentality; Discomfort From Temporary Pleasure

Change the old mentality of enjoying the temporary comfort.

Nobody is guaranteed 70 or 80 years on this earth, discomfort yourself today, deny yourself temporary pleasures, the future holds better for the action taker, not the waiter” – Saminu Abass Ola

Methuselah with a long number of years started the journey one day and ended it one day. No matter the number of episodes or seasons of a movie it will surely have the end. Whatever is marked to have a starting point must have an ending point.

Today marks the last piece of the change your old mentality series. Wonder, a complete 30 days have been reached. Beautifully, no missing of a single day was recorded. Though it was challenging, required efforts and sacrifice of many things but thank God it has yielded.

Though many requests came in to continue the series. Many pleas that almost tampered with my emotion. The saturation point of this series has been reached, therefore, it requires to be ended today. I am very sorry to disappoint anybody that expects otherwise.

I want to use this medium to appreciate everyone that deems it fit to follow this series. Sincerely speaking, I never expected much appreciation, kind text messages, calls, and commendations, I am really grateful to you all. Without you, the series could have been boring but you made it interactive and interesting.

However, to those who have taken actions already, I say a big congratulation to you because the journey to a successful land starts with a step. No back down, you will face challenges don’t give up, at last, you will be glad you endure those transitional stages.

Moreover, to those who are still doubting or have the, I don’t care attitude you may not value the benefits and insightful tips discussed in this series. I just pray you don’t pay 10k or 15k to learn those small but mighty tips that were discussed. Never take anything for granted. Keep or learn it even if it is not useful now it could save you in the future.

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Never wait for anybody to validate your future. You have all resources at your disposal, use them to achieve your goals. All that you need is around you, get it and sacrifice what he is needed to get them. Your future should be your priority.

Note, excuses are for the weak you need to stay strong. Don’t say you are not talented we have discussed many skills you can learn and how to make your ways. Don’t say the government is not providing the needed jobs. It has been discussed in this series that you shouldn’t totally rely on the government to make it in life.

Take actions today, endure it and you will enjoy it in the future.

If you are still a student, maximize the internet and learn new vocational skills. Learn skills that would turn your life around. Your youthful and energetic time should be used to sow valuable things in order to harvest and reap the values. Yahoo Yahoo, Scamming or fraudulent act is not the way.

Finally, if you are out of the education system, you still have the opportunity to make it big in life. Never get depressed because of the challenge you are facing right now. It is just a temporary moment, stay strong. Spread your tentacles and network with the right people that can turn your dream into a reality.

The best and sweet story you can hear are stories of the successful people. Let me tell you, those sweet stories have overcome many hurdles and challenges in their ways before they make it.

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Many of them have failed 99 times before making it the 100th time. Don’t be afraid to fail, if you fail today you gain more experience and keep the wheel moving. You can make it and you will make it.

I am glad to have impacted positively and you should also take it a routine to impact on many lives around you. With such actions, we can enjoy a better society. Not until you are a billionaire or millionaire before you can help others, use any resource at your end to help others. Don’t just forget to change the old mentality.

The End…


Thank you, you all deserve some accolades.