DAY 15: Change The Old Mentality; Take Full Advantages of The Web

Change The Old Mentality; Take Full Advantages of The Web

“The web is full of opportunities, learn and maximize it.”

“Many people still don’t believe you can make money online, never die of ignorance take full of advantage of the web.” – Saminu Abass Ola

Today marks the midway of the Change the old mentality series. The pace of the content is moving faster than the days spent.

Unfortunately, today could be described as a nightmare for me. I lost a huge number of resources and valuable data. One of the reasons this piece is coming late. I got depressed since morning, well, I see it as an obstacle. No road to success is a straight line, it will be rough and tough.

Challenges will come your way, you need to stay strong and continue the journey to achieve your aim. Never let any obstacle get you stuck on your way to success.

As promised, I will state few sites tonight as regards making money online. Never except a miraculous URL, it could be a site you have heard before. No doubt, it will be a new word for some readers.

Many Nigerians especially students/youths are earning big on those platforms. Many people have turned it into the stream of wealth, they are not even looking for jobs. I have a graduate of OAU who just married last week, built a house and bought cars from money he made from one of those sites.

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As a writer, the best offer I got last year to write a minimum of 600 words article was $100 despite the fact that I was never taking it seriously. I have also guided some people who have also made little. Unfortunately, for the past 5-6 months, I have been inactive.

What are the skills you can sell on those sites? Let me start with writers. If you are a good writer, there are opportunities for you to turn your passion or skills to money. There are two sites you can try;


These sites are not new to many Nigerians yet many are doubting if truly people are making money from the web. Yahoo yahoo is not the only way to make money online.

However, there are rules to all games, that’s, you don’t just jump into the sites and waste your time. First, google search about the sites and see what skills you can monetize there. There are tutorials courses (PDF or videos) you can use to learn more about the sites and ways you can easily make money.

As I said, information is power and one of the ingredients of success. Seek the right information before joining the sites, there are rules to all games.

I could remember, an American I have worked with as a football analyst years back gave me one site, he said register and make money. I registered, one year after I didn’t see any money I never knew there are rules to all games. After the right information, I soared higher on the platform though erratic power supply and other reasons have held me. The site will be shared tomorrow.

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Note, no shortcut to the success land. The sites I mentioned above is not for any lazy being. You work and earn your money. It is not a site that will ask you to be looking for a referral to get paid money you won’t be able to withdraw.

They are sites you will earn from your work done. Your skills will be rewarded and your sweat will be appreciated with the price you charge.

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Do you know you can earn for praying for another person? You can earn from, Translation, Transcribing audio files, helping people brainstorm or come up with ideas and many more.

By God’s grace tomorrow it will be discussed. There is a need Change The Old Mentality.

To be Continued…



Saminu Abass Ola
Content Publisher

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