DAY 1: Change The Old Mentality; What You Need To Change

Change The Old Mentality; What You Need To Change


Let me start by congratulating you for witnessing the 5th month in the year 2018. Happy New Month to you all. May you gather the resources needed to achieve your goals.

Back to the main talk, the mentality you need to change. The only constant thing is the word ‘change’ and you ought to.

The word “mentality” shows your attitude, how you talk, how you eat, how you dress, how you react, etc. In short, how you respond to situations around you. By my definition, I will say how you live your life.

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Yes, there is a need to change the old mentality in order to progress in life. You might not even know you are still dwelling on the old mentality, that’s the fact.

As we all know, no illness without a cure except death. Which shows no problem without a solution. However, for a problem to be solved, we need to get to the root of the problems.

Ask yourself, are my ways of living, thinking, dressing, talking, and responding to situations right? When you have answers to those questions, you are closer to get solutions to change the old mentality.

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Today is the day 1 of the series, this is just an introductory part. We continue tomorrow by God’s grace. Your thinking ability should be at a high level after reading the episode 1 of the series. Keep following the series and insightful and meaningful words will be revealed.

Before you like, comment or share this post, ask yourself the question above.

Finally, ponder on this for tomorrow. What is the old mentality you need to change?

Have a blessed day ahead. Enjoy the blessed month as well.




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