Change The Way You Think | By Adeniyi Ademola

Change the way you think

Change The Way You Think | By Adeniyi Ademola

Change, I hope this word doesn’t scare us, but rather inspires us. Not all changes mean improvement but without change, there can be no improvement. As a matter of fact, change is inevitable for man.

Herbert Spencer said, “A living is distinguished from a dead thing by the multiplication of the changes at any moment taking place in it”. Change is evidence of living and your responsibility start when you begin to change because its impossible to grow without change. Those who can not change their thinking, cannot change anything. The truth is life is always at some turning point and willingness to change make the turning point effective.

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What people want is progress, but can they have it without the responsibility to change. Impossible! You must take a rightful responsibility to change your thinking and recognized that change is your greatest ally, the person who never changes is thinking never corrects is mistakes. The fact is the road to success is always under construction and your thinking determines how solid it is.

You can not become what you are destined to be by remaining what you are, you have to take responsibility for yourself and change the way you think. No one can think for you as you will. John Patterson said, “only Fools and dead men don’t change their thinking. Fool, won’t. Dead can’t”. If you don’t respect the need for change, consider this, how many things have you seen that changed in the past years? When you change your thinking, opportunities will change. The same kind of thinking that has brought you to where you are will not necessarily get you to where you want to go.

Odell Shepard observed, “there are people who not only strive to remain static themselves but strive to keep everything else so their position is almost laughably hopeless. Defending your faults and errors only prove that you have no intention of quitting them. All progress is due to those who were not satisfied with where they are and who they are and not afraid of changing their thinking.

There are four types of changes

  • Change that happens to us
  • Change that happens around us
  • Change that happens within us
  • Change that we make happen

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The difference between the last change and the others is what I called responsibility for mental work. We can never make a change, if we don’t think of it and also change produce four types of peoples.

  • People who watch things happen
  • People who ask what happen
  • People who let things happen
  • People who make things happen

Think about these four peoples and ask yourself who among them I am. We can only make things happen with a profound thought. The greatest protection against disappointment is the expectation of change. That is why God can never be disappointed because He is a God of change, He expect change, He makes a change, He changes things and He never changes. Nothing is constant everything has to change, whether we change our thinking or not.

Changes to be expected

  • Relationship change
  • Priorities change
  • Values change
  • Interest change
  • Status change

If change is inevitable for man, so what are the response to change.

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Response to change

  • You can ignore change
  • You can accept change
  • You can manage change
  • You can adjust change
  • You can become a victim of change
  • You can prepare and plan for change. This is where your responsibility for mental work lies.

New York Times once asked bishop Oyedepo a question, what did you do with your time. he said, “I think and I read”, no wonder he is where he is today. Albert Einstein said, “Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking”. Intellectual resources are the principal asset of any society of people. Mental work is the most profitable work on earth, make your brain work and make it sweat, it will change the way you think.

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