“What Has Changed For You” By Oyeniyi Skrtel Oguntola

We entered the year 2018 with a lot of fanfare and happiness and 106 days into the year, what has changed for you? What have you achieved? Is your new year resolution going as planned? Is your standard of living bettered?

You see, I don’t celebrate the new year, it makes no sense to me. It’s just another day. If you have to celebrate the new year, then it’s very much reasonable to celebrate every new second and by the time you are done reading this paragraph, you would have had like a hundred celebration. What for?

You gained admission in the year, so, what has changed? You graduated, what has changed? Done with your NYSC, what has changed? You contested an election and won, what has changed? These are a just normal change of situation which is constant either you like it or not, either you are involving in something or not, but if your personal improvement, betterment and your contribution as a person to the community remain constant. Nothing in the real sense has changed in you.

However, we are beginning another week, first working day of the week, forget the holiday given by the unusual Governor, my messages, and pieces transcend beyond the state, so, a fresh week starts ‘today’. You need to start getting something done also.

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If you have been doing something for sometimes, don’t give up yet, work more on it, be persistent, be consistent, be more charged, you may need more prayers, do not think of giving up, there may just be light at the end of the tunnel.

Also, if you’ve been into something for years, getting negative results over and over again with no hope of a different result in sight. It is just reasonable that you quit and venture into another thing. It is insensible to be doing something over and over again, expecting different results. Rome was truly not built in a day, but it didn’t take a million year to build Rome. You have to understand that some things are not just meant to be and move on

Take your life into your hands this week. Lay your hand on something, try new things, invent new technology if you can. Read a mentality changing book, disrupt a space, challenge the odd and learn a trade. Go an extra mile to search for knowledge, participate in sporting activities and join people in building your community. Look for opportunities, be multitudinous and don’t be flaccid.

You just have to hustle, hustle so hard as not to be stranded and forlorn. However, don’t engage in illegal stuff. Don’t be a scammer, fraudster or conman. You can do something immoral, no one is a saint, so you can’t be one. Therefore, ensure it’s not illegal, no one can afford to pay for your bail with his/her half salary. Besides, you can’t afford to be pernicious to your parents in this present day Nigeria.

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You again have to be wise enough not to wait for government, “dem no dey epp”. If you put your hope in Buhari, you may forever be idle and that’s why you need to be independent. You can do unimaginable stuff, only if you believe. But believing is not enough, you have to try to get things done too.

What Has Changed For You? Think Again.

Above all, have a blissful week.

The Writer: Oyeniyi Skrtel Oguntola

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