The Child Right | By Adedunmoye Zainab (Zaywrites)

child right

The Child Right | By Adedunmoye Zainab

Child right is the legal rights a child deserves as a kid and also as a citizen of a country. Being a child doesn’t mean they should be deprived of their rights.

As a citizen of a country everyone as fundamental human rights which is not made for only adults, children also deserve these rights.

So, a child has the right to freedom of speech and expression, the right to education and lack of maltreatment, etc.

A child should not be made to hawk while other children are in school learning. By so doing this one of the child’s right is being violated.

Poverty is not an excuse for making a child hawk, because they should have taught about how to feed and cater for their child needs before bringing them into this world.

A child should be educated, it is their right, it shouldn’t be neglected.

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The voice of a child should be heard. They shouldn’t be deprived of their rights to freedom of speech and expression. They should be allowed to express themselves to the fullest. This is important in order to know what is going on in their minds or their opinions as regards a subject matter. Also, to be aware of their errors and weakness.

A child should not be neglected or intimidated by the elders because they hate it when they are being neglected in the society. It builds hatred in their heart and this makes them to misbehave.

Let’s give a child the right he/she deserves so that we have a better future and a better world. Children are the future of tomorrow and the world of tomorrow.

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