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CHILDREN DAY: The Nigerian Child, Hope For Tomorrow


According to the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, it defines a child as a ” young human being who is not yet an adult. ” In addition, the Convention on the Right of the Child (CRC) adopted by the United National General Assembly on 20th November 1989 and also adopted by the African Union in July 1990 defines a child as ” one who is below the age of eighteen years. ”

As a result of the global recognition given to children the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) held a convention on 20th November 1989 and made Welfare and Right of the children topmost on their agenda.

At the end of the convention, it was unanimously agreed that:

1- Children must be free from discrimination on the grounds of belonging to a particular community or ethnic group, place of origin, sex, religion, the circumstances of birth, disability, deprivation or political opinion; and it is also stated categorically that the dignity of the child shall be respected at all times.

2- No child shall be subjected to physical, mental or emotional injury, abuse or neglect, maltreatment, torture, inhuman or degrading punishment, attacks on his/her Honour or reputation.

The above provisions have been signed and ratified by Nigeria Government since 1991 during the reign of Retired General Babangida. According to former Governor Godwill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State; he said ”he would be futile to make the gains we have made in terms of development and progress without preparing the next generation for sustaining our legacy.

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The Nigerian Child, hope for tomorrow as my topic to wish all children a Happy Children Day is to create awareness for Nigerian youth on the importance of Nigerian youth. The popular oxymoron saying goes thus ” the child is the father of man” illustrates the importance of the child. It is without a doubt that everybody has one time or the other passed through childhood. It was as a result of proper care by parents that made individual useful adults of the community today.

However, a child is a gift from God. It is a gift given to any parent as joy. For this reason, the gift should not be maltreated or wasted. A child should be given basic things to help him or her something in society. It is saddening that many parents nowadays celebrate children day and forget those children given to them are special but don’t even care anymore as they go their ways their children also go other ways. Children are precious, gold, diamond, special, unique and are the future and promising leaders of our society.

Thereof, many children have been denied the privilege and rights they deserved from parent, society, and government. Parent as the primary teacher should take their children as a priority. Plan for them, laid the foundation to become something in the future for them. Relying on government has failed, therefore, parents should sit tight not misuse the Golden opportunity or gift given to them.

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Children Playing on Inflatable Castle

It should not only be about the celebration of Children Day. The following are basic and necessary things parents should train and teach their children on in order to build a solid foundation to live a satisfactory life.


I believe religion is the basis of everything. Train your child the religion you practice right from his or her early age. Also, train them with the ‘do and don’t’ of Almighty God. Train and teach your child the fear of God. I believe as you also believe that practice makes things to be perfect. Teach your children to refrain from sin. Train your child to be prayerful and also believe in prayer to God as solutions to any problem or difficulty. Religion is the background of everything.


Education as a process of teaching, training and especially in schools to improve your child knowledge and develop skills is very germane. Give your child a sound and quality education. Take education as a top priority for your child. Never deprive your child the right to get equip with skills and knowledge. Education should not only be formal but also informal. No knowledge is a waste, spend any dime on your child to get the best education.

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Train your child how to behave especially towards other people. Some children are good while some are bad, I think the Genesis of behaviour of any child is from their parent. Behavioral attitude is sometimes heredity. Children tend to inherit behaviour from his or her parents. They learn second by second from whatever Mum or Dad does. Wisdom and moral are the products from behaviour.


A healthy lifestyle is the best life to live as a human being. Train your child to be neat, clean and all these in the interest of hygiene. Health is wealth they say but also health is life. Let your child understands the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Train him to keep off dirt or filthy things that can cause damages to his or her life.


One of the major pieces of training or teachings any parent must give his or her child is the societal living. That is, how to live in society. How to relate with other people be it from the same tribe or other tribes. Train your child to be tolerance, endurance and painstaking.

Also, train your child to see other people in society as their brothers and sisters. Train your child no to harm or dislike anybody because we are all one. Train your child to love everyone around him or her. In addition, train your child to share whatsoever hole or she has with other people. Train your child to respect other people. Train your child to be content and satisfactory with any situation he or she finds himself or herself in society.

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Finally, it is obvious that we cannot talk of any community or society without taking care of the child. Any parent or government that does not put the interest of the children first or put them in his Programme or guest would surely fail because the coming generation which is the children would sustain the existing legacy.

I believe the basic 5 things listed above are very important to give every child given to any parent as a gift. A child with religion, education, good behaviour, healthy lifestyle and positive social living have a bright future as indirectly the society has a brighter society too.



Saminu Abass is a motivational writer and content publisher. He is also a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. Also, he is passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration. Read some of his write-ups here.

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