7 Common Causes of Eczema You Should Know

Common Causes of Eczema

Eczema is a very annoying disease. It does not kill us, but it can weaken us mentally. If you develop the symptoms mentioned above, you should visit a dermatologist as soon as possible.

Common causes of eczema

The following are substances and situations that can cause eczema outbreaks. Reactions may vary from person to person.

1- Food intake

Certain foods trigger allergic reactions. The common foods are eggs, nuts, milk, wheat, soy, etc. You also need to avoid foods that do not contain essential nutrients such as white sugar and white flour.

Minimize intake of processed and artificial foods. Always add fresh fruit and vegetables to your daily diet. The most important thing is that you should eliminate the foods in your diet that you are allergic to.

It is also useful to keep and write in a diary about the foods consumed at a particular time and observe the skin’s reactions, thus knowing which foods to eat and avoid.

2- Stress

Stress does not cause eczema, but it can, for example, make symptoms worse. Intensifying scratches.

It is assumed that scratches make it spicier. To avoid this, the patient should wear gloves during sleep and be sure to cut the nails to avoid further skin irritation.

3- Clothing

Always wash new clothes before using them to remove chemical residues. it is important to avoid tight clothing.

Cashmere, wool and synthetic fabrics cause skin irritation when in contact with sensitive skin. Buy materials made of cotton and silk that experts recommend the best for people suffering from eczema.

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4- Temperature

Extremely hot or cold weather makes the condition worse.

5- Dust Mites

Common in the home, such as mattresses, bedding, pillows, and stuffed toys, exacerbates eczema when they come in contact with the skin.

It is crucial to keep the house clean, usually change regularly, vacuum couches and mattresses, and remove unnecessary stuffed animals to minimize dust. Here’s a review of the best king-size mattresses if you want to change yours.

6- Cleaning materials and soaps

Some of the above elements eliminate the skin’s natural moisture, making it dry and sensitive.

Use non-fragrance biodegradable cleaners that do not contain petrochemical products, and do not always forget to apply a moisturizer after washing or bathing to minimize skin dryness.

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7- Pets

Animal, hair, and saliva can cause an allergic reaction and eczema become inflamed. Although the previous list is not exhaustive, it serves to check what to look for.


Finally, experience and study your situations and conditions when experiencing an outbreak or relief. You can then find a new combination of products and procedures that work well for you


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