Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes

Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes You Should Avoid | By Gloria Kasi Odama

Regular brushing of teeth is important for both children and adults. It helps remove bacteria and plaques that cause tooth decay and chewing gum disease. Everyone should brush their teeth twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed at night.

However, it is good for children to start brushing their teeth early so they see tooth brushing as part of their daily routine. Children need help and encouragement to develop this new skill to avoid some of these tooth brushing mistakes.

Whenever I get to ask people how well they take care of their teeth, a lot of the time, most people are quick to saying; “I brush twice daily!”

While brushing your teeth twice a day is a very commendable routine, sometimes you could be doing the right things, the wrong way.

These Are The Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes You Should Avoid

1- Brushing with a HARD toothbrush:

You hear this phrase often I guess; “the HARDER the CLEANER,” but that’s a lie.

Do you know what you are doing to your Enamel when you brush too hard? You are destroying it. Soon, you’d be down with Dental complications.

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2- Brushing FORCEFULLY:

You don’t have to bleed while brushing. If you ever bleed, then something is definitely wrong, and you should call in for proper check up before things get out of control.

3- Brushing with the WRONG Toothpaste:

Blue and White Toothpaste on Toothbrush

Whereas there are many Kinds of toothpaste in stores or shopping centres. Be sure to get the best toothpaste that won’t irritate your Oral Tissues.

4- CHOKING yourself while Brushing:

I hear some people believe that until they feel like throwing up, or until their toothbrushes get to their throat, their tongue isn’t clean yet.

You Don’t have to choke yourself while brushing your teeth and tongue.

Which of the above-listed tooth brushing mistakes do you do? Be sincere.

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