A Corps Member Writes to the Federal Govt: Apologize For Delaying June Allowance

NYSC Corps members Monthly Allowance

The serving corps members have shown their dissatisfaction as a result of delaying of their June allowance. The monthly allowance is believed to be paid every last week of the month. However, for the month of June which has ended already the monthly allowance hasn’t been paid.

Below is an open letter written by a corps member serving in Lagos State .


Less than a week ago, we talked about the multi facet problems of Nigeria and we suggested some solutions. In my record, I kept this as a solution purported: “we must make our government responsible and accountable“.

Now for those people that are saying only prayers cannot work until we act, now is the time to act.

What am I driving at?

Throughout the federation, no single Corp member has received its monthly allowance for the previous month.

Now, this money will be paid without any apologies from the fed government and we will let it slide simply because it is nothing or maybe because we do not care.

I think we should make the government feel responsible about this. I am not saying we should demand for reasons why it is delayed but for whatever reasons that delayed it either genuine or not genuine, excusable or not excusable. We demand an Apology.

I don’t know if any of you have worked with any of these White Men’s company, they will never delay your wages for another 24hrs even if they’re not making a profit (quote this anywhere), they will rather not hire you.

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The monthly allowance of every corps member is supposed to be paid latest the last working day of the month. Now our allowance is over 72hrs late. Now, how will a government like this fight for the labour who is owed 2weeks wages by a private organization?

Now, some people might say, this guy is poor, see the way he’s ranting because of #20k But the ranting is not because of the money but because of the implications the matter being addressed is carrying.

One of it is this, our allowance is delayed for 4 days this month and we refuse to talk or make them feel responsible, in the next 3 years, Corpers will be like Civil servants that are being owed 4months wages.

This is how our parents started.



1. The federal government through the Director General of the NYSC, should make an apology to all Corps members for the delay in the payment of their allowances. This should immediately follow the payment of the allowances.

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  1. That subsequently, if allowances are delayed for over 72hrs without prior notice of 7 working days to all Corps members, the government shall pay. (let’s think of what should be the penalty)

I am not suffering. Just talking from a grieved heart, I believe the change can start now. Even from the smallest of all things.