Corps Members Write Letter of Protest to Plateau NYSC State Coordinator

Corps Members Write Letter of Protest to Plateau NYSC Coordinator on June Allowance

A few days ago we published an article on the letter written by a corps member to the Federal Government on non-payment of NYSC June Allowance. Till this moment, the payment for that month of June has not been paid.

You can read the letter here: A Corps Member Writes to the Federal Govt: Apologize For Delaying June Allowance

To show their grievances and the hardship they are going through, the corps members in Plateau State have written a letter of protest to their State coordinator.

The letter explained that the corps members would boycott some activities due to financial incapacity. They also expressed their unhappy mood as both the NYSC and FG couldn’t say anything. The corps members believe that the non-payment of the allowance can frustrate and could drive many Corps Members into dishonest and fraudulent acts.

Read the letter below.


From Concerned Corps Members                                                                                      11th July 2018.


The State Coordinator,

National Youth Service Corps,

Plateau State.




The above subject refers. We write pursuant to Paragraph 12(2) of the National Youth Service Corps Bye-Laws, 2011.

We want to bring to your notice the hardship Corps Members are passing through as a result of the nonpayment of the June allowance. It is noteworthy that a Corps Member largely depends on the monthly allowance to meet basic needs which include paying for accommodation, feeding, transportation to and fro place of primary assignment as well as to weekly CDS meetings, to mention but a few. Things are worsened by the fact that most PPAs do not pay Corps Members anymore and we are away from home.

It is unfortunate also to note that Corps Members are not credit-worthy, that is, we find it difficult to buy goods and more on credit as we may not have earned the trust and relationship or financial stability to be given credit. The frustration is increasing on a daily basis as we are not only losing weight but also causing harm to our vital internal organs due to malnutrition. The situation is even more complicated as parents generally assume that Corps members should take care of themselves and have shut their minds to any financial assistance whatsoever.

Sir, we are surprised that up till now no official statement has been made as to the cause of this inordinate delay in paying our June allowance or as to when we will be paid by NYSC. We direct your attention to the provisions of Section 1(1–3) of the National Youth Service Corps Act (as amended) bordering on establishment and objectives of the National Youth Service Corps, to know if we are still on course.

This frustration may drive many Corps Members into dishonest and fraudulent acts which you preach against. This could be done in the name of survival. It is only a matter of time before this situation turns to total abandonment. We are in a place totally unfamiliar to us to serve our Father Land with the implied agreement that what is due to us will be paid without delay as with our Monthly Allowance. But things are turning out the other way.

Having outlined our grievances, we want to state our resolve to you, Sir:

  1. We still believe in the efficacy and importance of the NYSC scheme as far as it keeps serving the good of all.
  2. We deserve an official apology for the delay in payment of our June allowance.
  3. Also, we demand the pay our June allowance on or before Friday 13th July 2018.
  4. Failure to pay allowance for June on or before Friday 13th July 2018, will result in a sit at home, from work and CDS by concerned Corps Members
  5. In addition, failure to pay allowance for June on or before Friday 13th July 2018, will entitle us to take our complaints and protest to any authority in search of a remedy and in accordance with justice and rule of law.
  6. Failure to pay allowance for June on or before Friday 13th July 2018, will entitle any Concerned Corps Member to seek means of livelihood within the confines of the Law, even if it means travelling outside his/her State of deployment until payment is made.
  7. Any attempt to victimize any Concerned Corps Member in line with the chronology of our course of action will not be accepted at any standard and we will take all steps within our reach to redeem the concerned Corp Member.

We know the State Coordinator is our father and will not do anything to hurt his Children when they have a legitimate claim.

Please accept of warmest regards.

Yours Faithfully

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