Cost of Living in Côte D'Ivoire: How Expensive is Abidjan?

Côte d’Ivoire is a West African country with beach resorts, rainforests, and a French-colonial legacy. Abidjan, on the Atlantic coast, is the country’s major urban center.

For the sake of people that want to relocate from their country to cote d’Ivoire, I will suggest they choose Abidjan for their destination because it’s the commercial capital where almost all activities in the country are taking place.

This write-up will center on Abidjan which is the economic capital of cote d’Ivoire.

Below is the analysis:

House rent:

Accommodation in Abidjan

Renting a house in Abidjan is very difficult and it comes with conditions and one financial ability. As someone that wants to relocate to Abidjan, the first thing you need to know is that house rent is paid on monthly basis not yearly like some country like Nigeria. To get a house you first need a real estate agent and let him know your budget. What I mean is telling him the amount you can afford monthly. House rent fees vary from 20,000cfa to 70,000cfa for self-contained rooms, 70,000 CFA to 100,000 CFA for two rooms compartments depending on your budget.

What you have to note is that before you get your house, you need to pay 5 months of your house rent. The 5 months fee you pay is simply illustrated as 2 months for house rent which means after the first two months you will start paying rent to your landlord, 2 months for house deposit rent which is refundable if you want to leave the house.

This deposit money is usually used to renovate the house in case you spoiled the house before you leave the house. In case you didn’t spoil anything in the house, your money will be given back to you. The last 1-month fee is for the real estate agent.

Mathematically, if you’re vying to rent a house of 40,000cfa per month you have to prepare 40,000×5: 200,000 to get the house.

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Cost of Living in Côte D'Ivoire: How Expensive is Abidjan?

Food is one of the cheapest things in cote d’Ivoire, especially in local food. The major foods in cote d’Ivoire are Rice, Atieke (cassava-made food is normally eaten with fish), Place ( casava-maize made food usually eaten with a stew-like Amala in Nigeria), chicken, plantains, spaghetti.

With a budget of 1500cfa, an average individual can eat the three daily meals square. So, an average individual spends 45,000 CFA on food monthly.

It’s more advisable to learn how to cook to save you from all these expenses. You can get 25kg of rice at 15,000 to 19,000 CFA depending on the type you want. Other food ingredients are not costly in the market. This will save you from eating outside every day and make you more economical.


The transportation industry is very affordable for an average individual. There is a popular communal bus that can take you to any city in Abidjan with 200cfa (One-way Ticket) but these busses have a bus stop, they don’t enter some inner part of the cities.
If you are not used to entering public transport, there are taxi that charges from 1,000cfa above depending on the distance you are embarking on.

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Work in Abidjan is not scarce as it is in most of west Africa. When you’re bilingual you can easily get a job if you apply to some companies. However, when you’re not bilingual there are Nigerian schools that can employ you as a teacher with a salary of 60,000cfa per month. In case you don’t want to teach you can also serve as a salesman for some Nigerian people who shop with a payment of 2,000cfa per day.


Cost of Living in Côte D'Ivoire: How Expensive is Abidjan?


People of cote d’Ivoire like Showbiz and the entertainment world. So, the larger percentage of the population enjoy themselves at night in Bar, maqui, etc. If care is no taken you will be Carried away with how they spend money.

In cote, d’Ivoire Football is very important because it unites a greater percentage of the youth. There are many professional football clubs too. Aside from the Sunday football, they play some play ball at midnight in some area.


Cote d’Ivoire is a country that is very tolerant in terms of religion, Muslims and Christians live in harmony with no discrimination.

Note: 1,000 CFA is approximately 750 naira to N890.

About the writer:

Akanji Abdul Azeez is a Nigerian born and brought up in the soil of cote d’Ivoire. He’s a writer, a political scientist, an advocate of humanitarian activities, and a public administrator.

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