Criticism: Panacea For Effective Leadership By Babatunde Francis Edeki

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It must be noted that the above topic is subjective, therefore, it is arguable. Leadership must starts with readiness, having known the costs and the benefits attached to it. The reason why many people feel frustrated and want to fight back at every matter said against them, is because they have not sat down to count the costs and benefits.

I can easily say that leadership for them is fortuitous, not deliberate, or possibly, they thought, is just normal 1+1 = 2. Let me be frank with you, it is more than that, this is what gave birth to the above topic. As one of the things you must learn in order to be a successful leader because many people retaliate or fight back at every word said against them. Though, such statement or action can get you frustrated. But I want you to know that such action or statement is expected.

When God created you, he didn’t create you to think the same way with others. The differences in creation gave birth to differences in opinions, that is why criticism is inevitable in our societies. Criticism and leadership are inseparable entities, they work together, it is part of the costs you should be preparing for in leadership. If you don’t want to be criticized, then you don’t dare leadership.

A society where there is no criticism, such society remains conservative. The consequence is that development if far from it. This statement just is also arguable. Recently, a senator in the National Assembly told his colleagues that, if you know you don’t want people to criticize you then don’t take public offices. This statement was said, in the light of the ongoing bill being debated at the level of the National Assembly, Abuja that, ‘hate speeches should be punished for‘, and opinion of the individual was required.

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He further said the reason why it is called public offices is that it is of the public, people with different views and opinions. Many people have viewed criticism as evil, negative action which they felt is not good for the society. Some people have even said God said pray for them, which is good, some people have even said again that. God will not leave us to suffering, he will judge them, which is good. But may I tell you that, the world will go worse if we leave it that way. The fact is that even God didn’t support sluggishness. God wants us to be active, proactive, little wonder Karl Marx said, ‘ religion the opium of the masses‘, the truth is that, if we hide under religion and refuse to take action, things will go worst.

Criticism is a positive check, that makes our leaders active, proactive and not do things base on their own will. However, they are always conscious of the fact that, if we do this, people will criticize me. Therefore, I will not do it. Take, for example, a very Augustus man of God will not want to commit extramarital sex, because of fair of criticism. A shameless class representative, president, and the likes will not want to be involved in exam malpractice and other vices. It is because of fear of what people will say about him/her. Empathetic politicians will not steal the masses money, because of fear of criticism. The reason for this pragmatic examples is that criticism is a panacea for effective leadership.

Criticism helps you to know what people need or want, either pleased or displeased with your action. That is, the best way to sample people’s opinions is through criticism. Because, if you are to go to them one by one, you will achieve nothing. However, through criticism, you can know whether they are pleased or displeased with your action.

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Do you know that Nigeria would have gone worse if not for the fear of what people will say? Criticism is inevitable in the society, a society that grows, grows in criticism.

The summary of my long epistle is that criticism helps your leadership course.



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