SCAM ALERT!!! Beware of These Bitcoin and Data Sellers Scammers

Beware of the latest scammers in the country. This man who uses “Adekunle John” as his username on Whatsapp has been scammed with a fake Data Bundle SME Packages and Bitcoin. The illegal man John has made this illegitimate way of defrauding bloggers, freelancers and innocent Nigerians of their hard-earned money.

Adekunle John, as the name he uses, will join Whatsapp groups via links. He will join groups with at least 2 different numbers to promote the illegal and fake data bundle business and bitcoin selling. It is a group of people consisting at least 3 members with the aim of scamming Nigerians. Though the images above might not be their real pictures, however, a few days ago they removed the images.

Moreover, the scammers attract people with the cheapest plans of data bundle. This set of scammers has a style of operating when you message or call them for a business. When you make payment for a plan, they will tell you such plan is not available or not going currently that you should upgrade to the next plan, which is after making the first payment. For example, let’s assume you make a payment of N2,000 for a 7GB plan, you will be told it is not going right now. Therefore, you should make an additional payment of N1000 to upgrade to the N3,000 for 14GB.

Funny enough, it is established that the fake Data Bundle reseller, Adekunle John, is not just the only one running the illegal business. He has accomplices and criminals like him who abet this scam. It is surprising enough to see lady gang up on this team.

After several calls and messages, they seem adamant to continue this scamming business. Many bloggers, freelancers and innocent Nigerians have fallen victim to these people. Therefore, it is pertinent to let all Nigerians be aware in order not to fall victim to those scammers.

The following are the numbers they use to operate.





This is the broadcast form they share on Whatsapp groups.

Get the Cheapest and most durable Data Plan from A Reliable seller with 24/7 Customer Service with high prestige and confidence and I sell recharge cards of all networks.

Data sharing scammers



1GB = ₦500

3GB = ₦1000

7GB = ₦2000

14GB = ₦3000

Validity: 3 months 90 days


1GB = ₦700

4GB = ₦1000

4.5GB = ₦1500

8GB = ₦2000

14GB = ₦3000

Validity: 1 month 30 days



1.5GB = ₦700

3.5GB = ₦1000

8.5GB = ₦2000

15GB = ₦3000

Validity: 1 month 30 days



2GB = ₦600

4.5GB = ₦1000

9.5GB = ₦2000

15GB = ₦3000

Validity: 1month 30 days

To order now: Whatsapp/Call +2349036485968.

Bitcoin Seller Scammers

Are you interested in investing Bitcoin and Ethereum???

Do you know you can Start earning 0.09 bitcoin and in every 9.6hours!!!!

Bitcoin mining has been made easy with the help of the bitmain antminer hardware connected to the blockchain mining network.

I mine a block of bitcoin. Send a private message now if interested.

Join my group of miners today and start earning bitcoin directly to your blockchain wallet. I also have bitcoin available for sale. But and start making your profit now.


These scammers are tricky in their ways of scamming bloggers, freelancers and innocent Nigerians of their hard earned money. They are using different banks to receive the money being sent to them.

The details of the banks are as follow;

Account Name: Adekunle John

Account Number: 7782811162

Bank Name: Diamond Bank


Account Name: Johnson Peter

Account Number: 2223100722

Bank Name: Diamond Bank


Account Name: Gabriel Daniel

Account Number: 7781942678

Bank Name: Diamond Bank


Account Name: Ayomide Jenifer

Account Number: 8129041939

Bank Name: Eco Bank


Account Name: Omolaiye Prosper

Account Number: 8106412496

Bank Name: Ecobank Plc


Account Name: Rose Danladi

Account Number: 3120326182

Bank Name: First Bank

Read comments from some people among the victims so far.

Victim 1:

Scammers Alert




















Victim 2:

I paid into AYOMIDE JENIFER 8129041939 ECO BANK. This is the third person. A lady for that matter. Please let’s stop this their scam program so they don’t keep defrauding people of their hard-earned cash. Thanks

Victim 3:

Data SME Seller Scammers

Bitcoin Seller Scammers Alert

Victim 4:

I sent N2,000 for 7gb. They called me that it failed that I should upgrade to a higher package by sending another N1000 to get the package of N3,000 for 14gb.

Victim 5:

ScammersScammers Alert


Victim 6:

I told him I want to buy Bitcoin and he said I should send half payment before the transaction can be commenced, which is 70k.

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