DATA SCANDAL: Some Hilarious Questions US Senators Asked Mark Zuckerberg

Listening to US Senators drilling Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill is hilarious because the majority of them have no idea how Facebook or the internet works. The US Senators should be described as analog senators in this 21St century.

Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook tracks what you do on your browser even when you are not logged into Facebook. Mark, also confirmed during congress that data of users are saved for other things. The facebook owner also shocked many people of not knowing what is happening in his domain. He made mentions of the following during a congress called by US Senators on Privacy violations and Data Leakage from Facebook.

However, Mark played smart as some of the senators are totally ignorant of technology is all about. They came on with funny and hilarious questions. Though the owner of facebook felt guilty but was reluctant and wise not to say a yes to some questions.

The question that tamed Mark at the Congress was the one on the privacy. He was asked can he share the hotel he stayed last night, he said no. So, the owner of Facebook couldn’t share his privacy but has shared and sold the privacy of users on his platform. Many Americans believed Mark Zuckerberg has influenced many elections and could also do that in the future.

Let’s go through some of the hilarious questions and great ones that were answered by Mark Zuckerberg.

Senator: “Let’s say I’m emailing someone in WhatsApp…”

Senator Shelley Moore Capito: “answer me this Mr. Zuckerberg, why do my grandchildren get mad at me when I comment on all of their pictures?!”

ZUCKERBERG: I am ready to answer any questions u might have about facebook

84-YEAR-OLD SENATOR: excellent. Mr zuckerberg my farmville farm needs more pigs but i cannot figure out where to purchase them

Senator; “Mr. Zuckerberg, why have you not verified my Hulk Hogan fan page?”

Senator; “Mr. Zuckerberg, do you know anything about privacy settings for Twitter?”

Question; “Will you give FB users an option to delete their data history? If not, why not?
How many? For which purposes? With whom?”

Senator Ben Sasse: “Can you define hate speech”? Zuckerberg basically unable to provide a definitive answer.

Senator: “Mr. Zuckerberg, can you explain how I’ve been on Facebook for ten years and yet still do not have one friend request accepted?”

Senator Durbin: “Would you be comfortable sharing the name of the hotel you stayed in last night? Would you tell us any messages you sent in the last week?”

Mark Zuckerberg (clearly uncomfortable): No, I would not be comfortable sharing that

Durbin: That’s the point

Senator Johnson R-WI: “Do you know how many people read your terms of service?”
Zuckerberg: No I do not.

Senator: “Is Facebook about “feeling” safe or is Facebook actually safe?”
Mark Zuckerberg: “Yes.”

Senator Blumenthal to Zuckerberg: “We have seen the apology tours before. I don’t see how you can change your business model unless there are rules. You maximize profit over privacy. Your promises are vague”

Zuckerberg: “Our data controls are not used to make people feel safe – they’re what people want in the product. These controls aren’t just to build trust, it’s to make it so people can do what they want with the service.

Senator: “Are your terms of service ‘take it or leave it’ or can individual users amend your terms of service if they choose?”

Mark Zuckerberg: You can’t modify the terms of service, but you can change how you use the service.

Zuckerberg: “There are two categories of data. The content you choose to share & specific data collected to make advertising better.”

Mark: “Every person gets to control who gets to see their content,” and there are controls people have over what Facebook can do, too.

Senator: “Can Facebook track your browsing activity even after you’ve logged out of Facebook?”

Zuckerberg: “I want to be as accurately possible, so it might be best to have my team follow up with you on that”

Senator: “You don’t know??” I can’t believe Mark forgets how the internet works

Senator Jerry Morgan: How sure are we that people’s information won’t be linked? “Your user agreement sucks,”

Zuckerberg: We are to upgrade the third party policies

Sen. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana. “Tell your $1,200 an hour lawyers you want it written in English, in non-Swahili, so the average American can understand it. That would be a start.”

Senator: “Could Facebook be vulnerable to a hack, why or why not?”

Senator; “Did you or Sr leadership have a discussion back in the summer of 2015?”

Mark Z: “Knowing what we know now, we should have handled a lot of things differently.”

SK: “How much revenue did FB earn that resulted from the use of foreign propaganda?
Mark Z: $100K, can’t say all of the actors identified.”

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Sen. Kamala Harris: “Did you know if Kogan could sell or transfer data?”
You became aware that 87 million people’s data was compromised 27 months ago & you decided not to contact the users. Were you part of that decision not to inform your users?

Mark: “I started facebook I run it And am responsible for whatever happens on it ”

Senator Dean: “Do you delete data when a user deletes the account?

Zuckerberg: Yes we do delete.

Senator Dean: In what given period?

Mark Zuckerberg: I actually don’t know, I will inquire from my team

Senator: » Mr. Zuckerberg, would you like to share with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night?« [long pause, quiet laughter]

Zuckerberg: » No sir, I would probably choose not to do that publically here

Senator: “Well, I think that is what this is all about.”

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Senator: “If I buy a Ford and I’m not happy, I can go buy a Chevy,” Sen. Graham says. “If I’m not happy with Facebook, where can I go? …You don’t feel like you have a monopoly?”

Zuckerberg: “Sure doesn’t feel like that to me.”

Mark Zuckerberg: “When I say it’s your data, what I mean is you control how your data is used on Facebook.”

Mark Zuckerberg claims that he will have better tools in the future which will have some legal obligations upon the users to avoid misuse and to bring the violators under the law.

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