A Day of My Life To Infinite Sky | By Sahaj Sabharwal

A Day of My Life To Infinite Sky

night sky with stars.

The frabjous sky,

Which I observed with my naked eye.

Behaves so shy,

After some time tells a lie.

And shows its clever cry

Expresses over the crops which were once so dry.


Beauty which emerges from the dew drops,

Which fits itself over the surface of the dry crops.

After that, when it stops,

Started whispering from the narrow tops.

Like that of an afraid who robs

Every outer covering out the huts and the tinned shops.


With the entry of the sun,

News when reached the hazy day taking lots of fun.

The way I saw, the way fog taking a slow run,

The clouds welcomed the sun saying, “Sir, it’s done.”

“All the mist droplets killed with our gun.”

Well done dear ! and thanks a ton.


I enjoyed that view,

After a long time, a glimpse of the moon symbolises the sun that less time is left and minutes are few,

And today I am new.

Hope the next morning, will see you.



Sahaj Sabharwal

(Author of Book “Poems by Sahaj Sabharwal” )

-Jammu city,

Jammu and Kashmir, India.

©All Rights Reserved



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