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Love Episode: Dear Someone

Dear Someone,

I know that all you ever wanted was to love and to be loved. All you ever wanted was for him or her to love you – not because of what you can do or what you look like, or because you love them – but just because you are. Unfortunately for many, you’re heartbroken because you created your own heartbreaks.

You are heartbroken because you are putting people on pedestals that they don’t deserve to be there in the first place. You are heartbroken because you have loved him or her so much that you couldn’t avoid your own heart is broken for them. Also, you are heartbroken because you loved more than you got hurt more.

Learn to love yourself. Love yourself for the sake of your own better future. Don’t be afraid to start all over. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. At some point, even your parents will leave you behind. You leave people not because you don’t love them, you did but they were only meant to be a bridge to the next chapter of your life, a friend or a lesson to change you for better or worse.

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Stop holding onto toxic relationships or onto people just because they helped you at some point in your life when on the other hand the relationship is not the same anymore. Be with those who want to be with you especially on the days where you don’t understand anything, even yourself. Don’t be with anyone just because you once loved them. Feelings change and so does people. So don’t let your guilty conscience fool you, let go!

Good morning and have a Fruitful Day ahead.

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Adesewa Hearted

Adesewa Hearted is Lover of Christ, Accountant, Relationship Coach, Public Speaker, Baker and Fashion Designer.

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