5 Ways to Destroy Your Blog and Life By M Aamir Mursleen

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5 Ways You Are Destroying Your Blogging Career and Life By M Aamir Mursleen
  1. Don’t Be Consistent Ever!

You just need to sit down and relax. Watch movies, dramas, and Youtube. Never ever give one minute to your blog.

Just write one blog post in 10 years. Visit Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat before writing an article. Wait until 10 years pass.

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  1. Never Make a Goal

Yes, never make a goal. Live a meaningless life. Blame your parents who aren’t rich. Blame your internet for being slow. Moreover, blame your government. Play a blaming game. If you don’t get anything. Blame that.

Also, don’t make a daily one goal that you have to achieve. For example, if you try to write 1000 words daily, don’t do it.

  1. Don’t Learn SEO

You don’t need to learn SEO. SEO is waste because it helps you to find you low to middle competition keywords and you can rank your blog.

So, don’t learn. You will save time. Write on any topics that you stumble upon. No need to check its competition and volume. Because you’re living in 2000, any general topics will bring you a billion traffic to your blog.

  1. Don’t ever promote your blog

Yes, don’t ever promote. You just need to pray, and no hard work needed. Your blog will be ranked by Google in no time.

Don’t visit Quora, Facebook groups and Pinterest to promote your blog. It’s a waste of time.

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  1. Don’t Try to Improve Yourself.

Don’t ever try to improve yourself. Also, don’t try to see your weakness and strengths. Don’t ever try to think what can you achieve.

Have you seen your power during the night in exams? Did you memorize a lot of things in no time? Yes, you did. Please don’t try to implement in your blogging life.


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