Nigerian Social and Digital Media Marketers Laud Communication Ministry

Nigerian Social and Digital Media marketers under the Association of Nigerian Social and Digital Media marketers have taken to social media to extol the achievement of the communication ministry under Barrister Shittu Adebayo.

The Social and Digital Media marketers noted that the Minister of communication has remained receptive to ideas and ideals that will promote relevance of the New Media in the Nigerian community,  the Association also noted that Information and Communication Technology hubs have been given priority in various parts of the country hereby giving technology a chance and a new drive.

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Speaking on the commendation of Nigerian Social and Digital Media marketers, Saminu Abass, a digital marketer and an Executive of the Association noted that the Communication industry has received a massive boost since the past three years under Adebayo Shittu.

“The Nigerian Communication industry has received a boost in the past three years, many ideas have remained implemented and it is great to have this progress especially as the world celebrates excellence through technology”.

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Another executive member of the Association, Olanrewaju Oyedeji said the Nigerian Communication ministry deserve some accolades for some achievements he has made.

“The communication ministry deserves some accolades for the local and international recognition it has gotten over the years, that is what we are giving it basically”

Speaking further, Olanrewaju Opined that the Minister of Communication has done a lot to be recognized for his inestimable recognition.

The Nigerian Communication minister, Adebayo Shittu has continually promised to uplift the ministry from time to time pledging development and advancement.

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