Disappointment: A Short Condemnation

That moment when you feel everything is finally falling into place. When the thump in your heart is that of happiness, a testament that your dreams are finally coming true. The moment of hope when nothing fazes you because you’re finally getting the long-awaited recognition you deserve. The positivity that nothing can kill the uprising joy in you.

That bubble of joy bursts in a single moment. In a millisecond, disappointment sucks out the life out of your dreams. The road appears rough again and you wonder if your moment will ever come if every opportunity will continue to pass you by.

You wonder if everyone who preceded you had it this tough if theirs was tougher or maybe you were destined to have your heart sucked out of its cage every time things finally start falling into place. You wallow in the sea of ‘what ifs’, ‘what could have been’ and ‘what is not’.

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Disappointment: A Short Condemnation

Disappointment, the dream crusher! It reminds you not to be too excited. It pushes fleeting happiness at you then snatches it back so fast your head spins trying to fathom it.

Disappointment, the cruel backstabber.  You are just a feeling, A state of mind. Merely existing to taunt and torture. I will not be a victim of your unseemly pranks and tricks. I will rise up when you think I have fallen. I will pick up where you left off, reminding you that you have no power over me.

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Akionla Marian Introvert

Akinola Marian, a 400 level Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University. She is an enthusiastic writer and reader of different genres. She enjoys staying indoors, watching movies, baking, and researching during her leisure.

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