Disconnect From The Wood | By Adeniyi Ademola

WOOD is any person that does not think in line with your goal, anybody who envies your dream is WOOD to you. Pray them out quickly and fiercely before this year end.
WOOD is that person that kills your zeal for greatness and does not ignite your potential.

WOOD is that individual who always discusses other people’s mistakes, discussions about your health, career and business are not included but other people’s affairs. Such individual is a dead wood to you. Cut off frivolous people who come to drain you of power by their words, who come to show you your weakness and what you can not do.

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Disconnect From The Wood | By Adeniyi Ademola

WOOD is that person that comes to TAKE , TAKE and TAKE but does not give to you, you know with such people you must set a LIMIT , YES , GIVERS MUST SET A LIMIT BECAUSE TAKERS DO NOT.

An IRON is the opposite of WOOD . Remember IRON sharpen IRON . Disconnect from Wood and connect to IRONS for greater exploit..

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