Does Satisfaction Exist? | By Adeniyi Ademola

So many people find it difficult to live happily in our world of today all because they ‘”illusionally” imagine the existence of a point where satisfaction abides in life. Probably maybe when they get married or buy a choice car or even build a desired house or what they have will make them satisfy.

Unfortunately they eventually get to acquire all they wanted but honestly lack that satisfaction they thought would follow the acquisitions. Even economics that talks so much about utility acknowledges the fact that human needs are insatiable.

What actually is the problem?

Is it that satisfaction cannot be experienced or that it does not exist? Satisfaction is a choice that can never be bought with materials its untouchable, yet can be felt; it’s not visible to the sight but can be discovered.

Basically I know that wealth, class, qualification and what you have can never give you the satisfaction you desire, if you are doubting check your past achievements and the extent to which you were satisfied. Satisfaction is not just happiness, it is better described as joy.

Does Satisfaction Exist? | By Adeniyi Ademola

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Where on earth is satisfaction located? I will be telling a lie if I say I know the geographical location of satisfaction but I will also be telling a lie if I say I don’t know where satisfaction can be found. It’s in no other place or person than in Jesus. Sure you may not agree with me but you can give him a chance to rule your choice and actions today and you will know if I was just making a point or saying the fact.

Satisfaction should be enjoyed by everybody but very few are actually truly satisfied in life all because of choice. Choose to create the satisfaction you desire today by simply giving Jesus a chance to rule your life. Call me a fanatic if you like but I will still tell you the truth from experience, satisfaction can never be attained it can only be created.

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